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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Weeds and Tools

 Well, it's Wednesday and I get to go back to work today.  I am not at all excited.  Two days off was not enough.  Now I'm scheduled for 6 days in a row.  Ouch.  I have 5 days off scheduled to begin on June 13.  Can I wait that long?

And it seems as if I'm not as blessed as I thought I was, or maybe I should say I was confused into thinking I might be blessed.  No loss, really.  My package arrived yesterday afternoon from and it was... a record cabinet I had ordered from Amazon.  What? ( I know you're thinking it, so just go ahead and say it)  What?  Walmart and Amazon are rivals, enemy retailers.  So why would Walmart be selling on Amazon?  Well, they aren't.  However, a 3rd party retailer is selling their products on Amazon.  It works like this:  I put in the order at Amazon.  He / She / It receives the order and places it with thinks I purchased the product and ships it to me.  I didn't go to their website to check on what they were charging.  Less, for sure, since the 3rd party needs to make a profit.  Am I upset FedEx didn't deliver an Xbox Series X?  Not really. A bit disappointed, but I'll buy one eventually.

Today the temps are supposed to hit the low 90's (F) with scattered thunderstorms.  I guess there's another storm system heading our way bringing with it lower temps and more rain.  

And, lest you think my garden is only filled with flowering plants and bushes, think again.  I also have these.  Some people call them weeds. I have no problem with them.  When I was growing up, we ate the greens with a hot sweet and sour bacon dressing.  Delicious.

My brother texted me yesterday: he tested positive for antibodies.  I replied that he had between 8 - 10 months immunity.  His reply was to send me 2 videos he found compelling enough to wait to get vaccinated.  My response:  "Believe what you want, Covid is still out there spreading through the unvaccinated, slowly killing them off."  He did not reply.

And what about that dumbass from Georgia?  You know whom I'm talking about, the one who compared wearing masks to wearing yellow stars.  I really do think we should put her in a concentration camp for a while, perhaps if Biden has his summit with Putin, they might arrange an extended vacation for her in a Gulag.  The Republicans aren't going to do anything about her, they don't want to offend their base.  They don't understand she is the perfect tool for turning Georgia completely blue.  In fact, I don't doubt she enjoys being a Tool.  She has no idea she's nothing more than a shovel helping to did the grave of the GOP.


  1. The fact that it took the GQP FIVE DAYS to smack down MTG shows how the GQP really feels. Pack of cowards,

    1. They were probably waiting for the orange Anus to give them approval.

  2. Wait, your brother has not gotten vaccinated yet?
    And the Repugs are not going to do anything about that Three-Name moron. That's what the GQP has resorted to be: a machine to 'own' liberals. No platform, no ideas, just trolling.
    And I had some empty pots and I planted a bunch of weeds. They are doing perfectly well with no attention and barely any watering.


    1. I thought you knew, he thinks god sent the loser to overthrow Roe V Wade.