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Monday, October 10, 2016

No red dress?

Evidently Trump didn't wear the red dress last night.  Bringing in women with decades old accusations against Bill Clinton was a fail. Now the world knows just how ugly the GOP and Trump really are, bitter is too sweet a word.   I've read Trump would stand behind her and glower at times.  What a fool.  And threatening to put her in jail?  Trump is struggling to stay afloat and everybody seems to be throwing him rocks; not a life preserver in sight.  And, of course, he made sure he put on his weighted spats before he went on stage.  Trumplodites loved his performance.  Who cares?  Their numbers can't win him the oval office.  Everybody, except them, are giving the debate win to Hillary.  Such was to be expected.  He should have worn the dress.
Anyway, it's early, early, early, and I'm off to work.


  1. what a lowlife scumbag! spouse watched the debate (fool).

  2. He will get nastier and more true to nature as the campaign moves on. He doesn't like to lose alone so he'll try and take down as many as possible.