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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Coming Soon

Thursday is a big day.  I'm having some new windows installed - getting rid of a couple of the 111 year old ones and replacing them with some Andersen's.  Thursday is also the day my new Xbox One Slim arrives.  I'm getting the Gears of War Super Bundle.  The console will not only be used for gaming, but also for playing Blue Rays... on my new Sony 55" UHD Smart TV, which, unfortunately, will not be arriving on Thursday, rather it will make it's appearance in my living room on Saturday, between 9 - 12.
One final note on the Samsung fiasco, an email in which the writer admits, for the most part, that they were acting like scumbags.

Thank you for contacting Samsung. With reference to your email, I understand that the TV that you have purchased from Amazon has been damaged and was asked to pay the expenses to get the TV repaired. I can completely understand. If that happened to me I'd be really upset too. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Since it has been broken during shipping you need to contact the stores or shipment team to get the TV replaced

What Fun!

I'm glad I'm not the only who that the Kardashian robbery was an 'inside job.'  I suspect the ratings on their reality show are dropping, and Jenner's audience woke up and realized he's, well, not quite a she.  They needed something to keep their line of Kardasapedes from running away.
And as for Trump - he seems to be going down and taking the Republican Party with him.  I can guarantee his comments about returning Vets who are experiencing PTSD "can't handle it," is not flying well with America's Veterans.  If you've ever been in a war zone and I have, I can tell you it will always stick with you, in the back of your mind.  Handling it has nothing to do with it... but than this is coming from a guy claimed an almost $1 Billion Dollar Loss on his Income Tax.

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  1. AND the rump speaks AS IF he ever served - NOT! how about handling your own fucking temper tantrums, rump!