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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trimming the truth

Well, I watched some of the debate last night... after it was over, just to kind of get a feel for how bad these things really are, and after a couple of glasses of wine.  Liquid courage, you know?  Anyway, I didn't watch that much.  I didn't see the bit where he'd keep people in suspense about the election results though I did read about his comments this morning... as though he is in any position of authority.  After watching those few minutes, I now understand why he's such an asshole - he is terribly confused.  He thinks this is a reality TV show.  That's right.  He believes he's on something called "Run for the White House."  All of his posturing is in anticipation for his next close-up.  No doubt when this whole thing is over he's going to expect an Emmy nomination for Best Turd.
Enough of that, I was off yesterday and today as well, so I started painting the trim in my living room.  I'm doing it in sections because... to be honest... I hate painting trim.  I hate the taping.  I hate the cutting in, the cutting out.  I hate using a sash brush... carefully.  I just want it to be done.

Of course, being trim, it takes a lot longer to paint than the walls since you can use broad swipes of a roller to paint them.  It's not white, rather more of a very pale brown which will make the red of the walls pop.  I can say things like that, you know?  Make the walls pop.  That's one of the benefits for working in paint for years.


  1. "he's going to expect an Emmy nomination for Best Turd" - bwhahahaha!

  2. That's probably the only award he's going to win.