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Saturday, December 28, 2019


Saturday and I get to work.  One good thing, there is no Kid's Workshop today.  That happens next week and I have, as has become my habit, requested off.
The dogs are running around shaking the shit out of their T-Rex.  Earlier they were toying with their pink flamingo.  But now?  Their attention is focused on the tan predator they got for Christmas.
And speaking of work, it is very slow.  I did sell some flooring yesterday.  Even though sales normally go down this time of year, we are still given goals.  The idea is that even though we might go into the hole, we have the rest of the year to make up for these winter doldrums.  Me?  I'm happy to just stay in the middle of the pack.  I don't sweat the big stuff, don't aim for 'big sales,' as there tend to be problems with them.  A customer spending $2500 doesn't have the grand expectations of one spending $12,000.  The low end customer is just looking for carpet.  The one spending more money is trying to fulfill a dream, one usually inspired by that pretentiously insipid HGTV.  Those customers are expecting perfection in superficiality.
Stores always get their associates a gift for Christmas.  For the past few years, ours has been giving us sweatshirts.  Last years was a hoodie with a zipper all the down the front and you could chose your color (black, white, or gray).  I chose a heather gray color, and wear mine quite a bit.  This year there really was no choice in color.  Everybody got the same gray.  And they're turtleneck sweatshirts.

They're very nice... but I don't do turtlenecks.  After years of mandatory shirts and ties, I don't want anything tight around my neck.  Nothing.  The same thing is true with my wrists.  Long sleeved shirts are always unbuttoned and halfway up my forearms.  I am a very informal person.  My tuxedo has been hanging in my closet gathering dust.  It's been 20 - 25 years since I last wore it.  I guess I should dust it off and give it to Community Aid.  I'm sure there must be one desperately poor person out there who needs one.


  1. With all the coins they rake in and they hand out sweatshirts? Oy. Scrooge is in the building.

    1. We get our bonus checks in the spring and the fall... mine are usually very healthy.

  2. sweatshirts for the sweatshop. howsabout handing out some cold hard cash!!!!!

    1. The cash comes in the bonuses we get in the spring and fall, & I do quite nicely.