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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

On Christmas

Well, it's Christmas Day.  Ho Ho Ho.  I hope everybody out there is having a wonderful, relaxing day.  Remember, don't sweat the small stuff.  This is a holiday.  Enjoy.
The dogs have not, I repeat not, been given all of their presents yet because... they're dogs.  Their toys will be divvied out during the day.  They will look at them and decide if they're going to be 'forever toys' or 'forgettable toys.'  Children are the same way, they either love their toys or they don't.
As a lot of you know, I was stationed on the USS Constellation while in the Navy.  One of my buddies posted this picture of the flight deck this morning.  This gives you an idea of how big an aircraft carrier is:

Touch football on the flight deck
I'm planning a ride, maybe in Turin, for this afternoon... after I eat some ham.  I will give the dogs the fat, part of their Christmas day celebration.  This is supposed to be a day of celebration, you know... after the harvests are in.   This is the time we prepare to cozy ourselves into our warm houses during the sleepy time of winter.
One of the many bright spots in my own little abode this season is my Christmas cactus.  It's blooming:

Now, ain't that nice?
And I've just given the dogs their first toys.  Lily is almost in rapture over her green, squeaky inchworm, and Biggie is laying on his orange, squeaky squirrel... that way Lily can't play with it.  Ah, the joy of dogs.


  1. the von trapps seem happy then.

    and that photo; perspective is everything. YUGE!

    we have lasagna and wine for today.

    yesterday we had pepperoni pizza.

    we have not opened presents yet, since we just woke up. we have coffee and the cats have been fed.

    a peaceful day to you and the von trapps, dave; SMOOCH!

    1. And a happy, quiet day to you!

      ... are you trying to tell me you didn't know size is everything?

  2. Chewy has an excellent Christmas moose squeak toy. Tough skin, good squeaker, festive. It instantly became Charlie the maltese s lifetime toy. (love that expression)
    My Grandson came for Christmas yesterday, he saw my toy room for the first time, and we built a star wars snaptite model together. Talk about making Christmas memories!

    1. Chewy does have some super toys. This year my dog's favorite toy turned out to be the fish Wuba Kong puts out, nylon, durable, with an eternal squeaker.

  3. You were in the navy, then?
    I’d like to treat you to a beer/ coffee/something and hear your stories.
    Love that plant! I’ll get one someday.


    1. I thought you knew... I'm a Salty Dawg, and my stories might make you blush.

  4. Oh my, I had no idea that carriers were that big. The picture does put things into perspective doesn't it!