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Saturday, December 9, 2017


Today's going to be a day of rest... not in that I won't have to work, but there's not going to be any cardio today.  While I would have liked to have jumped on either the elliptical or the bike, I reminded myself my surgery was only 3.5 weeks ago.  Healing is good.  And this does not mean I've stopped working out, I've started using my bands for arm and shoulder work - exercises which do not involve ab work.  My lifting restriction is until 12/26 which means that early on the 27th I'll head over to the gym.
Evidently the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to Mississippi, to their Civil Rights Museum, and the protests have already started.  The only people who are happy are White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the rest of the stupid, white people who make up his base.  This is going to be their way of saying "Screw You America."  He will make some politicized speech which does more harm and than good, keeps those bloody wounds open, and end it with about 7 or 8 "God Bless's."  In case you haven't noticed, he says "God Bless" quite a bit, not because he's one of the failed faithful, rather, he knows Social Conservatives love to hear those words and thank him by throwing money his way:  ker-ching, ker-ching.
Anyway, there's this storm coming up the East Coast:  Snow.... well, kind of since it's hugging the shoreline.  Anne Marie might get an inch or so, here in Enola?  A dusting, perhaps, which is a shame because I like snow.  I always tell people it's 'free cardio,' no gym fees so take advantage of it.  The dogs?  They Loooooove Snow!

I'm serious, there's 'snow' doubt!


  1. 1-3 inch snow band around here. we are staying indoors today to do chores.

  2. I'm more south than Anne Marie near Doylestown/New Hope. Were slated for 2-5". I'm am making a huge English breakfast in my undies, then erecting the tree.

    1. I bet the tree is not the ONLY thing going to be erected...

    2. For some reason, when you say undies, I don't think tightie whities....