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Thursday, December 14, 2017


Okay, so here it is... Thursday.  I get to work today, tomorrow, and Saturday - then I'm off for 2 days.
Jason, from World Cup Cycle and Ski called yesterday, my new bike is in... A Month Early!  When I'd picked up the X6 two weeks ago I'd been told that shipment had been delayed and it wouldn't be here until 1/15/18.  Now I'm going to pick it up on Monday!!
Surprise, surprise, Roy Moore is still refusing to admit he got his ass wiped at the polls by black women, not that a lot of smart white people didn't vote for Doug Jones, but it was the black women that put him over the top.  That must be a knife in his crazy, white, Christian heart.  Of course accountability also comes into play.  I don't know why, but for some reason Social Conservatives think that all they need to do is say the Believe, and ask for Forgiveness, that once they've done those 2 things accountability flies out the door.  It doesn't.  Roy Moore thought he was Special.  The fact that he isn't is totally beyond his comprehension.  No doubt he thinks he's been Betrayed.  Repeating that last sentence while trying to sound like Wallace Shawn gives it true value.

"You believe my accountability betrays me?!  Ha!"
Anyway, we have just 11 more days until Christmas, out of those 11 days I have to work 7 - business in the flooring department is going to be dead.  I'm also scheduled to work New Year's Eve till 6 PM and New Year's day until 7...  like what kind of freaking moron is going to go out on New Year's Day and buy carpeting?  Anyway, I'll probably be out early on the 31st and probably out early on the 1st.  They don't like working people both days.  The scheduling is no doubt a bit screwy because one of my fellow associates is Kurdish and she's going back to Kurdistan for 2 months.  I told her to bring back souvenirs.


  1. "like what kind of freaking moron is going to go out on New Year's Day and buy carpeting?" - everybody will be too hung over; WTF is your employer thinking (or not thinking)?

    1. Hours come from corporate and bodies are used to fill those hours. Corporate doesn't always think.