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Monday, December 4, 2017

Traitor Trump

Well, I did about 8 minutes on the bike this morning... why so few?  Bad Music, for the most part.  I chose a group called Animal Collective and while I like listening to their music, for the most part it's Sunday Afternoon music, not the sort of thing to get your legs pumping.  They do use drums, but mostly it's keyboards and some guitar...  and sometimes their 4/4 time is rather vague.
And I guess that at least one of the Idiot Jerk's tweets yesterday was supposedly written by his lawyer who gave it to his publicity person to publish.  Doesn't this make you wonder just who is responsible for all of the horseshit he tweets?  He he really just a fat, lazy slob who's delegated his anger to someone else?  In a way that kind of makes sense, I mean he is rather a porker boy, and I can picture him (get ready to shudder) lounging around in his bathrobe, chowing down on bonbons, all the wile ogling Ainsley Earhardt. 

She looks a little like Melanoma, doesn't she?
Notice how her teeth are toilet bowl white and her eyes look black as coal?  Makes you almost think this is evil wearing a mask.
In case you were wondering, his approval rating dipped to 34% last week.  Surprise!  Headlines are already popping up on my computer about his rage with Flynn.  The lawyer may have been responsible for one tweet, but the Idiot Jerk seems have taken back control of his phone.  This means only 1/3 of Americans approve of the him, and it case you're wondering, it will only get worse.
And if you think I'm way off in calling him a porker boy, this might change your mind.
So is everybody tired of hearing "crooked Hillary?"  I know I am.  At this point, the Idiot Jerk has shrieked it so many times, it's become impotent, stimulating only his hard core followers.  With all of the revelations regarding his kith and kin in regards to Russian meddling, I do believe we should something new, a chant to ring out this turd from the Oval Office.  What do you think of Traitor Trump?  Catchy, isn't it?  Two words that will bun his ass.  Now, if we could only get a wave going.