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Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Birthday Boy

Today is Saturday, December 23... yipee, and it's the last day I work this week.
Tomorrow is Sunday, December 24 and it is a very, very big day.  No, no, no, not because it's Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow is Big Seig's birthday!  That's right, he's a Christmas Eve puppy and he's going to be 3 years old.  Tonight, on my way home from work, hopefully after most of the pre-Christmas shoppers have already been to my local Giant, I'll stop off and pick up his birthday present:  white cake and vanilla ice cream.  That's right, my dogs get 'people' food on their birthdays.  And even though he doesn't want to, he'll be sharing with Lily because she's special too.

The Birthday Boy
I also did some time on the new bike... on the new Cycleops trainer this AM.... Holy Shit.  Hills are simulated, by shifting gears you can to turn a flat surface in a 12% grade.  Most people have no idea how steep that is until they actually try walking up a hill with a 12% grade - if you have a treadmill try and see how difficult it is, then imagine doing it on a bike where you're mainly using one muscle group... Holy Shit.
Yesterday the Idiot Jerk in the White House signed the Republican Tax thingy.  Evidently Mike Pence made some sort of 3 minute speech in which he went deep diving up the Idiot Jerk's rectum... sorry, my computer censors that type of perverted pornography.  Just about every economist on the face of this great planet has stated in one form or other that at best it will achieve nothing, but more likely it will just make things worse for most people.  Interestingly enough, the stock market actually went down after he scratched his name on the bill.  Does the Idiot Jerk and his party care?   Hell no, they'll do what they always do, blame Hillary's emails.
And I did see this little bit in the NYT about the steel industry losing jobs... in a big way.  Now, this is the type of Christmas present most people should expect from the GOP.  You see, they're good at failing.


  1. that steel plant is 10 minutes away from me. FUCK THE GOPricks!

    1. That party has always been full of empty promises.

      And Biggie says "Thanks!!"

  2. Sound like you have lots of fun planed!!!!! White cake my favorite!!!! I'll be right over.

    I like Hillary....but she is now done and as they say in politics damaged goods. She is no threat to them and yet the HOP STILL can't let it go and are threatened by her. That's says a lot. They don't have much of anything.

  3. Mike Pence's lips are firmly attached to the sphincter of the Fat Bastard.

  4. And, what a handsome birthday boy he is.

    Happy Birthday, Big Seig!

    I think his nickname should be Beefcake.

  5. Your dog looks so awesome and I like him so much. I hope that, someday, I will also have a dog which will be my best friend.