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Friday, February 17, 2017

Our Agenda

Today is the 17th of February.  Today is the Strike4democracy.  The Republicans hate this shit.  Their vision of democracy is very narrow; limiting rights to those that are advocated by a religion that they define.  Racist comments from the Old Testament are parlayed into regulations geared to eliminate equality.  Those not subscribing to their beliefs are seen as contemptible, and treated as less than human.  They have their agenda.  We Have Ours!  They are the minority.  We Are The Majority!  We live in a democracy that is "for the People, by the People."  We live by Majority Rule, not minority dictate.  Because we want "all men to be created equal," they see us as the enemy.  In their eyes we are not all equal, and they do have their Agenda, and it is totally opposed to our Agenda.

They hate the fact that we are standing up to them.  We take their words, and untwist their lies, and tie them up in a rope of truth.  Our Agenda leads to openness, to equality.  Their agenda leads to a small black room with a closed, locked door.  We are the Answer.  Stand up.  Talk back.  Prove to them how small they really are.


  1. I could not get off work today, but I am NOT shopping or spending money.

  2. I also had to work, but that was all I did ... until i came home and poured myself a stiff drink!

    1. There are many facets to our agenda. I worked today as well, but for some reason or other, Pat Twomey keep sending me emails, so I started sending them back.