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Monday, February 13, 2017

Preibus and the Revolving door?

So, yesterday was my first day off of 3 days in a row and even though I didn't blog anything I did get a lot of other shit done, you know?  Like clean.  I did some time on a Sole 95 elliptical which is down in the dining room, some free weights and had a lot of fun time with the dogs.  Today is no doubt going to be more of the same.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't watch the music awards.
That didn't mean I didn't pay any attention to the buffoonery happening in Washington, I mean, how could you miss it.  A day doesn't pass without this political soap opera becoming more and more outlandish.  And this this morning I saw that a DT supporter is hinting that Reince Preibus might have stepped into the revolving door of terminations.  I suspect the crazies on the right no longer find him useful, in fact it seems as though they are foisting all sorts of blame onto his little shoulders.  Don't they know how Republican that is, pointing the finger at someone else.  Never acknowledging their own incompetence.
There is also a lot of humor in the fact that lots of protests are happening at Republican Town Halls and the Republicans are, of course, blaming them on a few individuals back by big liberal money.  Don't they know that these flawed stances they take are going to cost them votes.  I don't think they can even comprehend the truth.  We are a Democracy which is For the People, and By the People, not by a political minority who doesn't even want to take the time to even consider the majority who are opposing them.
Anyway, since my arthritis diagnosis I started eating ginger, one of the greatest anti-inflammatory plants known to man.  I do this by making smoothies with ginger.  Yesterday's was a strawberry, banana, mint, ginger smoothie which was actually very tasty.  Today I'm going to make a peach, mint, ginger smoothie.  Yum.

Wow, for a second I thought that was Kellyanne heading into the door and then I realized it couldn't be her.  Kellyann would be backing in.

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  1. smellyanne and rinsed pubes and all the other GOP minions better git their running shoes on, cause we the people are gonna tar and feather them!