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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last Closing / dogs eat stupid shit

Tonight is my last night closing the store! My new, fixed shift schedule starts tomorrow, as does my lower rate of pay.  That's fine with me.
Didn't sleep well last night.  Big Seig was up 4 times - sick, like every hour and a half he got off the bed to go throw up.   And every hour and a half I got up to clean it up.  The first three times all I needed was a paper towel.  The fourth time, a little after 0400, he vomited up the source of his problem.  In case you didn't know it, dogs will eat anything.  Some will eat socks.  Not Big Seig.  As I stepped from the bedroom into the hallway I saw a 2" wide, red squeaker from one of their toys.  Plastic doesn't digest... at all.  So, I cleaned that mess up.  In the computer room / gym I found another red squeaker and about 6" of shaggy toy that his stomach acid had failed to break down.  After everything was cleaned up, around 0500, I found him sleeping in bed, like a baby.  Does anybody know why dogs eat stupid shit?


  1. cripes! not a good way to start your day. that's why I have cats.

  2. ... cuz they're dogs? Same reason cats eat things that make them puke ... cuz they're cats.

    1. The problem with the squeaker things is that they dig them out of their toys and then they run around with them in their mouths as though they've got some treasure behind their cheeks.