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Monday, November 2, 2020


 So, I signed up for CBS All Access last evening.  There aren't a lot of shows I want to watch, but there are a few, and in December "The Stand" is going to drop.  After that I'll probably cancel out.  I can't see wasting my money on something I'm not going to watch.  This is what's good about 'no subscription contracts.'  

Oh, and today is my weekend, Saturday and Sunday all wrapped up in one day.  Tomorrow I go back to work for another 5 days.  Don't color me excited.  We have potential customers asking how far out our installations are scheduled.  Well, we don't.  We tell people 2 - 3 weeks.  That's not the answer they want to hear.  But, this is how life is right now during the time of Covid.

And, speaking of Covid.  We had a customer yesterday wearing a black T-shirt that read 'I'd rather get Covid-19 then vote for Biden.'  I almost laughed at him... but didn't, the large, home improvement retailer I work for has no problem taking money from morons.  Anyway, this customer bought a pallet of cheap laminate and asked if we could load it into the back of his pick-up truck.  No problem.  So we put the pallet on a fork lift.  As we approached his truck, he dropped down his tailgate and we saw he had all this PVC piping bolted to it.  That's my flag holder, he explained.  "I can fly five flags in that sucker when I'm driving."  Of course, you can guess who's flags he was talking about.  That's right, the Idiot Jerk.  And, of course, I couldn't laugh at him because we're not supposed to laugh at idiocy.,, at least not while we're standing face to face.  We did have a hearty ho ho ho when we got back inside the building.

 And finally, when I got back from Planet Fitness yesterday I snapped a picture of my Zinnias, still blooming in November.


  1. "I can fly five flags in that sucker when I'm driving." Sounds like Central PA hillbilly white trash. Move to Alabama.

  2. Replies
    1. Fingers crossed he gets covid, but I'd rather see him spending a month on a ventilator.

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    1. I'm still getting roses, too, and it's November!

  4. Love the Zinnias!
    All our flowers are gone now. We’ve had several nights under 30 degrees, so that’s that for the flowers.
    I’ve seen the MAGAts with their flags. Bullies, the lot of them.
    And they’re stupid, too. I would have laughed at him, too.


    1. We've had frost warnings but nothing yet to kill off the flowers. And that moron was so proud of those flags.

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    1. Luckily, all I have to do is stick the stuff in the ground.