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Sunday, November 1, 2020

In the Distant Future

 The boo boo paw is gone.  Lily no longer has an ouchy.  This is normal.  From time to time, both dogs get boo boo paws that go away after a few hours.  This is life with dogs.

I had some nice sales go through yesterday.  Actually, sales in the department  flourished.  People are spending money, lots of money.  Here in Conservative Central Pa people believe the virus is going to go away.  We had a previous customer stop by the flooring desk yesterday who nobody remembered, which happens quite frequently when you deal with many customers.  He asked how long we were going to continue wearing masks?  Both I and my fellow associate said "for a long time."  And the customer asked "you don't think masks are going to go away on November 4?"  In unison, myself and my fellow associate said "no."  And the customer looked at us for a second or two and said "oh," and walked away.  Conservatives, unless someone in their immediate family get seriously sick with Covid, they do believe it's like the flu.

Did everybody enjoy the extra hour of sleep this morning?  Me, I looked at my alarm clock and thought, it must not have automatically changed.  It wasn't until I looked at the mantel clock in the cycling / computer room that I realized I had slept right through it. Son of a bitch!

And, of course, we do only have a few days until the election.  The Idiot Jerk is racing around desperately trying keep himself from being a one term president.  One of the things I find most alarming about his presidency, and his party, is their total refusal to move towards the center.  The country is overwhelmingly Centrist and yet they continue to dig themselves ever deeper into the grounds on the far right, almost as if this were their last stand.  In a way, this might be true.  The country is changing far more rapidly then they like.  With each passing day those years they cherish, the late 50's are buried under another shovel full of time.  Their age has not been successful and the world is passing them by.  This is how evolution works.  The survival is based on being the fittest, the most adaptable, not the one who steadfastly refuses to change.  They cannot freeze time and the world in order to satisfy their dying dreams.  This is life.

And, finally, guess what I found on the bed yesterday morning?  A T-Rex.

Like the Republicans, I don't think the T-Rex ever gave any consideration what time was going to do to them.  Now he's a dog toy.  Personally, I don't think we'll ever be playing with an Republican toys in the distant future.


  1. no, dumpturds, masks are NOT going away on 11/4. probably be wearing masks into last 2021. wish ever GOPrick would get COVID!

    1. Yep, maybe March of 2012. Treatments continue to evolve, and there will be some sort of vaccine.

  2. Glad Lily's doing better!
    And Cheeto has been spreading the virus all around the country. Tomorrow will meet me with a Valium and some vodka.