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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Faust in the House

 Joy of joys!  I get to go back to work today!  Though I have to admit, my job isn't really that difficult.  We're heading into the slow season.  Sure, there are going to be those few who want to have their new carpet or laminate floor installed by Thanksgiving (too late) or Christmas (there's still time), and don't understand that Covid is surging... wildly.  Installations might slow down, which will irritate people to no end.  This is how things go.

I had breakfast with my brother yesterday.  He is Cracker Jack Crazy for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  In his mind, the turd still floating in the White House toilet was Sent to make the country Socially Conservative.  He has no idea this is how evil grows. By building support among those who accept and excuse intolerance they judge wrong grows.  He didn't believe me when I told him the Idiot Jerk in the White House would relocate to most probably Russia because his presidential immunity disappears the second Biden is sworn into office.  Lessons will be learned.

And I did begin painting the hallway yesterday.  I like the color, a shade of green which coordinates with the color I used on the staircase.  The only problem?  I had picked up some Purdy rollers that were on sale because 'cheap' sometimes wins out.  These rollers, however, were made for rough surfaces like cinderblock and the nap soaked up the paint.  So, today before I leave work I'm going to pick up a couple which will work well on smooth, plaster walls.

There was an interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post explaining why so many Republicans were sticking with the Idiot Jerk even through all of his baseless claims of voter fraud.  Isn't that funny?  His base will not vote for the Republican candidates in Georgia's run-off election simply because they're Republican if he doesn't support them.  This doesn't surprise me.  The GOP will need to grow even more corrupt in order to maintain a majority in the Senate.  My take is that the Senate will be split.  50 /50.

And finally, a bit of humor.  The gun totting McCloskeys are suing the photographer who took this photo, saying it has ruined their lives.

Maybe someone should have told him that open necked pink polo shirts and AK47s don't go well together.  And as for her... at her age she should have long since learned horizontal stripes are never thinning.  Perhaps they should be suing their stylist instead.


  1. hahaha oh, they're SUING the photographer? Because he showed them in their natural habitat? As a dick and a cunt? Who knew?
    And you know the Repugs are keeping up with Cheeto because they want the base riled up with white resentment until the December elections so they can keep a majority in the Senate. It's simple and twisted.
    And I can't believe a roller would be that important! Gosh I'm useless with these things. Thank goodness there's people like you at Home Depot.


    1. Believe me, rollers are very, very important.

  2. the mccloskeys are toast; NO ONE hurt them, they only hurt themselves. assholes!

    I am hoping for a 50/50 split so that aunt kamala can break all ties!

    when the fuck is the dump gonna give up his fucking charade?

  3. The McCloskeys!!! Ring worm fiflth. No news again today!

    I think it is funny they won't vote unless the dump tells them too. And yet the remaining Republican's don't see this???? Im surprised the other asses like Lady G and McTurtle are not telling the rest of the party to pull away. They really are all a bunch of dumb shits. It's fine with me....go down with the ship if you want.

    1. 80% of the country says the election is over... and they look bad.

  4. Blobby and Clod need only look in a mirror to see how they're own actions ruined them.

    Then, as AM might say, FOAD!!!

    1. Okay, I have to ask, which one's Blobby and which one's Clod?

  5. Oh dear the McClosekeys. How sad are they!