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Friday, November 13, 2020


 Well, I'm half way through my 3 day work week.  I can't say business is slow, the store is seeing a lot of foot traffic, though flooring sales appear to be on the ebb, more so than usual.  I think the main reason for this is that we no longer have an Idiot Jerk constantly saying Covid is going way, and that it will be gone soon.  Losing the election seems to have temporarily put a cork in that blowhole through which he constantly regurgitates lies.  Now, more people seem to be wearing masks in the store, though the number of those emblazoned with his name has dropped to zero.  I guess most don't want to be associated with a loser.

According to Accuweather, temps are supposed to continue their downward slide over the next 2 weeks.  In spite of what some may think this portends, we had similar temperature patterns last year and ended up with one of the warmest winters on record.  Here in Central PA we had no snow to speak of, which was disappointing for the dogs, not that they remember.  For them, every snow is a brand new day.

The Body in the Loch is coming along nicely.  I have over 56,000 words, which is nice.  I suspect that sometime in the the spring readers will get to visit Dun Adair, and Glenn Adair, and Adairton.  If you say them aloud, make sure you roll your Scottish 'r's.  And since there is a Loch, I thought I post this little ditty from the Foo Fighters called Dirty Water.

And finally, there is one thing this election has taught.  Republicans are really bad losers.  They will lie, and cheat, and try and steal their way into a win.  I understand the Idiot Jerk is planning on announcing that he's going to run again in 2024.  Someone should tell him felons are not permitted to run for the presidency.  And I'd like to shout out a great big thanks to Cindy McCain for giving us this.


  1. Oh, I was reading Uncle Joe had won Arizona and I was cackling. It's turned blue for the first time in YEARS.
    And who didn't know the Repugs were sore losers? Gerrymandering and the Electoral College are just the most glaring examples. They cannot 'win' without cheating.
    Last year it was super chilly here in Chicago at this time. This Fall has been quite warm. I have been out and about less, so maybe that's that.
    I love the Foo Fighters. I used to love Big Me and would play it over and over.
    And Yay for The Body in the Loch. Can you imitate a Scottish accent?


    1. This song is on several of my cycling playlists. The longer the Idiot Jerk fights this losing battle, the worse he looks.

  2. I hope there is a concretive effort to make him disappear over the next 4 years.

    1. When you say concretive, are you talking about the boots?

  3. If he runs again, Id be highly surprised. His health is good but not great and he'll be 80. I also hear he wants his own propaganda network.

    Also... when he leaves the WH and if he does indeed leave the country to avoid getting arrested, how could he come back to the country then?