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Friday, November 6, 2020

Straight for the Gutter

 Can you believe it?  Today's Friday.  For me, it's Thursday.  Tomorrow is my Friday!

I got the new external hard drive yesterday and am in the process of slowly transferring things from the old drive.  Excruciatingly slow.  As I'd said, the old drive is dying.  It's starts transferring, and then stops, and pauses.  Sometimes it continues, but more often then not it locks up.  Son of a bitch.  There's no problem with smaller files, but movies and games?  I'm either going to have to find some other way to do the transfer, or write them off.

We were slow at work yesterday.  Translation:  I'm doing things in the aisles to keep busy.  You know?  Physical labor.  I'm making things look nice.  We're not doing a Black Friday this year.  That doesn't mean they're not cluttering up our aisles with... stuff.  Dog beds went out yesterday.  I know a lot of people who own dogs.  One of our associates was talking about buying one for his cat... that's right, his cat.  Before I got my dogs, I had cats.  He's wasting his money.

I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House hit the airwaves last evening... briefly, before the networks started shutting him down.  MSNBC was the first... after something like 21 seconds.  I'll bet that pissed the Hell out of him.  He doesn't take losing well, which is why he cheats.  This man has been cheating his way through life for far too long.  Like many cowards who cheat, he will run away rather than crash and burn.

The fact that Biden has now flipped Georgia is pissing off a lot of Republicans.  Pennsylvania is going to flip sometime this morning. And the Idiot Jerk?  He's like a freaking pinball heading straight for the gutter.

Anyway, the whole thing should be over today.  The MAGAs will be furious that they've lost their liar and thief.  The Republicans are only beginning to understand how the Idiot Jerk has tainted their party.

Believe me, things are looking up.

The dogs were all excited when the learned they were going for a walk this morning.  They don't remember they go for a walk everyday.  Keep in mind, they're much smarter than your average Republican.


  1. hey hey hey, my cats use their cat beds daily! they also use mommy & daddy's beds too for a change of scene.

    your dogs are smarter than a PA thug!

    KEEP HOPE ALIVE for uncle joe!

    1. Mine are always on Daddy's bed.

      Joe's going to do just fine. it's up to us to keep the kettle hot.

  2. Hahaha
    Of course the doggies are smarter than the average repug!!
    And this whole counting the votes thing is giving me PTSD. For real.
    Uncle Joe is ahead in some states Hillary lost last time. I hope he wins in ALL with big margins so Cheeto feels like the loser he is. Let's see if he mounts legals battles in all those states...


  3. Finally, the news shows are ending the lies.

    1. I think they realized the best way to grow their viewership is to shut him up.

  4. I couldn't sleep last night so stayed up and listened to Trump's incoherent ramblings for the whole 17 (I think) minutes. I hadn't realized most networks just shut him down as I think I listened to CNN. Damn, if that didn't put me to sleep nothing would. He sounded like he was sleepwalking through it anyway. He's definitely losing his "energy" now that the door is hopefully about to hit him in the rear end!

    1. I understand he's feeling... despondent. Good.