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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Being Tricky

So, what will today bring?  Any ideas?  Yesterday, was fun, in an odd sort of way.  I had my driver's license renewed.  While this may seem a mundane chore to most, this was my first time at the new PA driver's license office, which is located in Enola.  That's right.  No driving into downtown Harrisburg anymore.  Not only is it in my home town, it is, as the crow flies, about 3/4 of a mile away.  The building used to be a supermarket, now it's used solely for renewing and applying for driver's licenses.  My visit was fairly uneventful except for one thing.  Now, everybody knows their picture on their driver's license looks like crap.  Well, there was this blond woman who wasn't satisfied.  From where I was sitting, I could see the screen with her pictures.  At first there were 2, which she didn't like, so they took another, and another, and another.  She kept dismissing them all.  I laughed.  The only time anyone is going to see that picture is if you get pulled over by a traffic cop, or if you're getting carded going into a bar.  At her age, she was definitely not going to get stopped going into a bar, so I suppose the police must pull her over a lot.

I went for an 11 mile ride in Oregon.  Small hills, and fairly flat.

Also, for those looking to buy an appliance, the big sale starts today.  This is the Black Friday special.  Pay close attention.  This sale ends 12/1 and a Christmas sale begins.  That sale is not as good.  Of course, most people will think this is one continuous sale.  Tricky, we are.

The rest of the pumpkin pie is gone.  Good.  Now my hellish carb addiction is satiated, at least for the time being.  I made 2 stuffed peppers.  Since I had a couple of plum tomatoes on hand, I made the sauce, too.

And last evening I saw the pertinence in yesterday's blog.  Evidently Kash Patel was given immunity to testify.  This is going to be very tricky.  The immunity covers a very narrow area and has no effect on other crimes he may have committed.  He will sit there with an attorney who will prod him to use the 5th as often as possible.  Even more important to remember, is that Patel is a lying sack of shit; he's prone to falsehoods and partial truths, what ever he thinks will save his ass.

Biden spoke last night.  I didn't watch.  I'm doing a replay of Assassin's Creed, Valhalla with studly Alexios.  I don't think I need to tell you that everything he said was true.  We may end up with several years of chaos if a number of election deniers win.  I'm thinking the Democrats are going to keep the Senate, and possibly the House (by the skin of our teeth).  I'm thinking we're going to do better than the Republicans think.  Why?  Because on a Fox Townhall, J.D. Vance, a celebrity non-politician who thought this would be a cakewalk, said he thinks the abortion issue would be settled if we went back to Roe v Wade.  Does he believe this?  He may have written a bestseller, but when it comes to the American people his brain is witless.  He's just being tricky.  When lies fail, Republicans turn to trickery.



  1. So that's what Black Friday is, right? I forgot it is in November. That also tells you I don't buy anything big for the house.
    I cackled at the woman retaking her pic for her driver's license. I look like the photographer told me I was fat in mine. I was also platinum blond when I took it. LOL Who the fuck cares?
    You know Patel will lie and claim the 5th 300 times. I hope he does give them some juicy tidbits, you know?
    I hope your prediction is correct and the Dems keep the House and the Senate. It would be glorious, but the damage is done. The big lie is everywhere.


    1. Patel has to worry about perjuring himself, so that should make his testimony interesting. As far as I know, it's only in appliances where they have the 2 different sales.

  2. I used to carry my passport on me every day because of crossing the border for work (I was only asked for it twice in 35 years though). I remember having one passport when I was skinny and next time my photo was taken when I was heavily pregnant. The border guard made me get out of the car because he couldn't believe it was the same person as on my other paperwork. Now I've permanently got the "pregnancy face" but who cares! As you say nobody is ever going to see it!

    1. I was really disappointed the first time I used my passport, the girl scanned it and stamped it, and handed it back to me in 3 or 4 seconds, if it took that long.

  3. I have never asked for a picture retake. I didn't think it was an option. I totally forgot about Black Friday. Well I hope it works out for all of those that partake. I will be sitting on the couch lamenting my choice to eat way too much the day before.

    1. I've never had them take another picture either. I'm not scheduled to work this Black Friday, which is odd. I'll have to think of something to do on a semi-holiday.