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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Silent Minority

 Well, the weather is definitely autumn temp wise.  Our high today is supposed to top off somewhere around 60 (F).  The heat is on.  Lucky for me, I'm in an area where natural gas is inexpensive.  Homes around me are slowly switching to a fossil fuel that burns cleaner than oil.

The new roof is on my front porch and the small roof over the bay window on the side.  That's right, I have a bay window that just out into the yard.  A long, long time ago there was a window seat there which could be used for storage.  At one point, during the past 116 years my house has been here, someone saw fit to remove it.  The clean-up was thorough, the 2 man crew even did my fall grounds keeping.  Things change over time.

Of course, Biggie had to come out onto the front porch to investigate.  When I told him to go back inside he did, just inside the front door where he barked at me.

Work was very busy yesterday, lots of people buying blinds for their windows.  Damn!  Thousands of dollars.  Amusingly enough, a bunch of my Navy buddies had a bit of a text conference last evening, I read some of them, but stayed out.  One of them kept stating how prices weren't so high when Loser #45 was in office.  Dumb Ass.  Yet this person represents how some Americans think, out of context.  Supply chain issues created by the pandemic have nothing to do with prices, as far as they're concerned, it's the Democrats.  These are non-thinking voters.  We need to do our best to make the a silent minority.

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  1. I being hot blooded have yet turned on my heat, and still have windows cracked.

    People are dumb. Everything negative at the time is always blamed on the current sitting president it seems, whether they were in office or not.