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Friday, October 29, 2021

Funny Things

Okay, so some of you who have 5 day work weeks are feeling all jiggly because you're going to have 2 days off.  Well, I'm part-time, and that means I have a lot of Fridays you don't get.  Coming up, I have an 18 hour work week.  Be jealous.

And, speaking of Fridays, here's the inanity of the week.  A Navy buddy of mine who is older then I, and fully retired from everything posted a Thank God It's Friday meme on Facebook... or, maybe I should call it Meta.  Anyway, think of the complete lack of logic in what he posted.  We are surrounded by dumbasses.  This would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Yesterday I worked for 6 hours, I'm off today, have a 6 hour shift tomorrow, and then I'm off for 3 days.  I could get used to this... and won't that be nice.  Of course, today they are calling for rain.  That's fine.  I have chores needing to be done.  I'm hanging a pot rack over my stove.  After that, the wall is going to be tiled with the same mosaic I used for my backsplash.  Fun stuff, eh?

One of the things the changing climate will effect will be religion, and in a very major way.  Believers will need to blame someone and so they'll look to those groups they've always blamed and claim it's a lack of family values without a single glance at just how selfish and self-centered they, themselves have become.  They have become ludicrously absurd.

I find it interesting that the Q horseshit is effecting a certain mythology almost worldwide.  I see this as a sign that they are growing desperate for a sign legitimizing their beliefs.  On the funny side of their decent into lunacy, I saw this meme.  How appropriate.

Finally, Biden went to Rome and the Pope came out to greet him.  I'm sure Loser #45 is not taking this well.  Remember, he too desperately wanted to meet the Pope, and what we got were pictures of the Head of the Catholic Church lecturing him.  Big difference.  And you can bet this meeting is pissing off ultra Conservative American Catholics as well, like that Bubio Rubio.


  1. That meme is so right on, it's scary.

    I still jiggly because I have three days weekends!

    1. Isn't being jiggly fun? And that meme is so spot on.

  2. People post the most stupid things on FB. And Meta? Was Beta taken?
    Anyway, you are right, the idiots will try to find somebody to blame. Why they don't drink the kool-aid and leave is beyond me.


    1. I check it out once in the morning to see if any of my navy buddies have died, that's it. Never like anything.