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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The View from McCreary's Creagh

 And so my weekend begins:  a bit of a sleep in, though not much.  Too many things to do.

I started watching Picard last evening on Netflix.  Unless it's a stand-alone movie, everything on Netflix has a story arc, so what we really get are episodes with continuity.  This means that it's not until the 3rd episode the real storyline is revealed.  This is done to create the need to binge, which is something I do not do.  After 3 episodes, about an hour and a half, I turned off the TV.

Yesterday was very slow at work.  They brought in an ice cream truck so associates could get a free sundae.  That was nice.  About 10 minutes before I was scheduled to leave for the day, some of my customers came in.  I had already told them I only work until 7 and after working for 6 days in a row, I was not about to stay late, so I handed them off to a fellow associate.  He did not seem to pleased, as one of the first things they told him was that they were going to change their selection of hard wood. These changes usually take around 30 minutes.  I was not sorry. 

I also ordered a new phone last evening.  Normally I buy a phone and hold onto it for around 5 years.  The Google Pixel I have is just a little over a year old and has been plagued by problems.  Already replaced because it started turning itself off, it had recently developed the annoying habit of running apps at random.  So, I'm going back to Samsung.  I've never had a problem with one of their phones.

This morning I was reading that the Senator Manchin from West Virginia was quite dismayed that Republicans did not seem interested in compromise.  Hello, Joe, where have you been?  They is the party of 'no.' There is not one decent bone in their political body.  Now, I know you're thinking about your career, about how you can work across the aisles, but keep in mind, all the while you are proving how flexible you can be, they are plotting your demise.  They see their strength as not working with you, because you are a Democrat, and as such will always paint you as the villain.  

And finally, I understand the Scottish countryside is beautiful this time of year.  June weddings are always fun, aren't they?  Sunny days.  The temps are fine.  In fact, I understand the wedding between Lord Doyle Adair and Canada Howard will be happening over in Adairton very shortly.  Beautiful country there.  People say the view from McCreary's Creagh is a... well, I'll let these gents sing about the view.



  1. Replies
    1. He's putting his own political career ahead of the Democracy.

  2. Senator Manchin is a waste of space. He can kiss ass.

    1. He's from the very Cracker Jack Crazy state of West Virginia, so he does as little as possible to represent true Democratic values.

  3. Manchin is delusional. Glad you handed off those customers!

    1. I don't know if I'd call him delusional, but he is definitely looking for Job Security.

  4. Manchin is basically a repug in Dem's clothing. Also, West Virginia. What do people expect?