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Monday, May 31, 2021


 Okay, so today's a holiday.  Memorial Day.  Think of it as a Veteran's Day on steroids.  Burgers, fireworks, and at a lot of parties, beer, or some other form of alcoholic beverage is on the menu.  Many people have 3 day weekends.  I work today.  They are bringing in an ice cream truck so we can all have a free Sundae.  They also provide patriotic beads, and glittery little patriotic hats, and sequined antennae, all in very patriotic red, white, and blue.  I don't wear beads, or hats, or antennae.  This is my 6th day of work and right now all I want is my 2 consecutive days off.  I may stop off on the way home and pick up a bottle wine to celebrate those 2 days.  Maybe.

The thermometer's supposed to climb to 74 (F).  Everybody is ready and waiting.  The recent fall-like temperatures have not been appreciated.  My heat has been turned back on and for the past 2 nights my wool blanked as once again found a home on my bed.  Hopefully, it will not get folded and placed in the cedar chest until September or October.

There are tomatoes on my plants.  They are the size of marbles.  And there are tons of peaches on the tree, and nectarines, hopefully this year the squirrels won't eat those.  The garlic is coming along, as is the eggplant and pepper plants.  I'm hoping for a better harvest this year then last.

a blurry, little eggplant blossom

And what about those Democrats down in Texas, walking out so there was no quorum?  And the Republicans down there who desperately want an authoritarian government?  They hate this shit.  They're trying to say this is only a speed-bump, of course their heads hit the roof so hard when they hit that speed-bump they almost bit their tongues off.  Now their lies are going to sound even more like gibberish, not that that bothers the Republican base.  They've been swallowing the same shit for years.


  1. we're having a couple of friends in for a lazy outdoor dinner and enjoying the day!

    1. Good! Relax! You deserve the calm and quietude.

  2. Squirrels are the DEVIL! Hopefully they won't eat your fruit.
    And the Repugs are kind of desperate? Love to see it.

    1. Loser #45 is the devil, squirrels are just bad little rodents.