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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Recognizing Faces

 Good Saturday Morning.  In any oddly surprising way, this is my Hump Day.  Tomorrow is my Hump Day.  Yep, I had a 3 day work week followed by another weekend.  I could live with this kind of work schedule, unfortunately now I'm going to have to pay the price by 6 days in a row.

I'm looking for a piece of furniture to store my albums in.  Right now they're leaning against chairs and walls in my living room.  Last evening, while I was putting down some notes on The Body in Repose, I listened to Respighi: Pines of Rome.  Very nice.  Here's the score if some of you wish to read it while listening.

On 5/19 masks became optional for the fully vaccinated at the large, orange retailer I work for; yesterday was my first day back.  I had one on as I entered the building.  But then, as I passed the Service Desk, I saw fully vaccinated associates fully maskless.  I had to pause for a second.  For some, it was over a year since I had last seen their faces.  The surprise was how much the masks they had worn for a year had supplanted so much of my memory.  I will have to learn to recognize them again, just as they will have to recognize me.  My mask came off, though I'm going to carry one in my apron for those who feel uncomfortable.  There are also a number of people going maskless who haven't been vaccinated.  None of us have will have any sympathy for them.  Covid has not gone away.  If they get it, well, tough shit.

And, speaking of shit, what about that shit show in Arizona?  Those losers out there are doing a damn good job of helping to turn that state bluer then they could even imagine.  And now, evidently, the same thing's going to start in Georgia.  The group auditing the votes in the Peach State are going to look just as incompetent.  This is what desperation looks like.  This is what happens when you believe a lying sack of shit.  Trump wasn't sent to give them what they want, he's here to destroy them, which is something they will never recognize.


  1. the GQP will never learn. arteejee and I are going maskless, but we will keep one handy just in case. trust no one!

    1. Which is why they will follow Turd #45 down the toilet.

      I carry a mask with me, too.

  2. Ari-bama-ennessee-issippi-rida is just the latest casualty to lunacy.

    1. There was a time when the Loser's party was regionally specific to the south, it looks like that's happening again.