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Sunday, May 23, 2021

And you get a new voting machine. And you get a new voting machine. And...

 I know it seems to happen every day, but today is my Friday.  Aren't you glad I'm not responsible for calendar updates?  If that were the case, every day would be Dave's day.  Of course, that would be confusing as hell since half of the time I, myself, don't know what day it is.

While there are many who still wear masks when they come into the store, there are many who don't.  Those of us who are fully vaccinated, believe most of those maskless shoppers haven't been within a mile of vaccination station.  Everyone I've talked to so far, hopes they get sick and spend 2 weeks on ventilator.  As more people get vaccinated, the chances of that happening go down since there will be fewer infected people wandering the face of the earth.

An Italian group named Manneskin won Eurovision.  I listened to the song.  Meh.  I suspect this year's competition was rather weak thanks to Covid.

My cucumbers and cantaloupes have sprouted!  Hopefully this year I will get some fruit.

And sine of my rose bushes are in full bloom.  I did send another picture of my roses, but either Gmail is having a problem, which wouldn't surprise me, or my phone didn't send them, which also wouldn't surprise me.

So, does anyone know how you turn a Red state Purple?  Or a Red state Blue?  The answer's rather simple.  First, you let the Republicans of that state vote to have the ballots audited. Secondly, you watch as they hire Cyber Ninja.  After that everything is easy peasy.  All you need to do is look at Maricopa county in Arizona.  Or, Fulton county in Pennsylvania, for that matter.  You see, Republicans can not believe they're losers, no matter how badly they lose an election.  They are so caught up in the wonderment of their own bias, anything other then victory has to be fraud.  And so they lie to themselves, and look for bamboo slivers.  They don't understand that is not the scent of truth they smell, rather, their corpse is beginning to stink.  I never thought I'd end up taking my mask off to smell this.  Of course, those states will all need to buy new voting machines.  We are all going to pay the price for their stupidity.


  1. I'm having a "slug-flinging contest" here at the moment. The buggers have already devastated my cucumber and chili peppers! Good luck keeping yours safe!

    1. Thoselittle guys aren't a problem for me.

  2. the AZ auditors don't know that paper is made from wood. this country seems to have more dumbasses than intelligent people any more.

  3. Seven months later, sixty-some odd lawsuits filed, and the only time I hear about voter fraud is when someone voted twice, with their own name and that of a deceased family member, for Thing #$5.

  4. I live in Maricopa County and the bullshit isn't anything Voters want, that's why we Voted Blue in and Red out... I think there should be Open Season now on Cyber Ninjas, they've become a Nuisance Animal that is going to cost too much and they're clearly too Stupid for long term survival anyway, Natural Selection would not eradicate that Herd quickly enough IMO. As for the Maskless Ones, you couldn't be more on Point about that, all of us double Vaxxed know they're not even thinking of getting a Vaccine and don't have to prove they're Safe enough to be prancing around without a Mask. My Teen Granddaughter and I had some Fun with it at our Antique Mall while we restocked Inventory and wanted the Maskless more than 6 feet away from us. I have Bronchitis right now and a hearty awful Cough, so she told me every time a ReTrumplican Covidiot happened by without a Mask, to take mine off and have a Coughing fit and then she'd add "Gramma, you really should get that Cough looked at, it sounds like it could be The Rona..." Hilarious how fast they scatter, those who claim they Believe this is all a Hoax, they seem rather terrified of this Hoax they speak of! *winks*