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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Yum's the word

We had nice temps yesterday shame I had to work.  The thermometer is supposed to rise into the mid 80's (F) today.  Shame I have to work.

Flooring was a bit on the slow side yesterday.  I suspect today might be the same.  I'm only expected to get 2 measures this week.  The truth is we're heading into Memorial Day.  People are more concerned with what their house looks on the outside then getting new flooring.  Barbecues are being planned.  Covid will spread among the unprotected.  This is how life goes.  At this point, after a year of wearing a mask, I don't really have a problem with that since this is how evolution works.  If you're given the opportunity to protect yourself and you chose not to, well that's your responsibility, isn't it?  The constitution was not written to make you stay healthy, just don't expect a lot of sympathy from us 'smart' ones.

That wheat bread was so tasty, I'm going to bake another loaf tomorrow.  Yum's the word.

My third reader returned his copy of The Body in the Loch yesterday.  Certain sentences earned little smiley faces, like this one:  'The countryside was beautiful, forests planting their feet all the way to the craggy hills with garlands of rocks.'  I can only believe he thinks this is what Scotland looks like.

And while I'm still jotting down notes, lots and lots of notes, on The Body in Repose, I can tell you this little ditty will play a part in the story.

I understand the Republicans are going after Liz Cheney.  They don't understand she represents their Centrist wing.  Oh, and they booed Mitt Romney.  This is a party that has grown delusional.  So far out of touch with America.  They will never understand a majority of Americans view Loser #45 as a used car salesman pushing shitty, little lies.

Oh, and I guess the question 'de jour' is whether Rudy Kazoody is going to flip.  I've heard he's already 'cooperating' with the Justice Department.  I also understand that Ronnie Johnson is in the same boat.  I can 'tell all' books in both of their futures.  We'll just have to wait to see which one uses the title "I Was a Dupe for the Russkies."  Now, won't that be a tasty morsel.  Yum!



  1. Sadly, or not, the new GQP forgets that there are more GOPers than GQPers, and more democrats than bot.
    Sorry, asshats.

    1. That's because they believe the Reagon lie.

  2. the GQP is a cult. and a dying one at that.

  3. Hey that'd be an idea for Trump's presidential library. You could put all the tell-all books in there and the place would be packed!

    1. I doubt if there will be library, the ex-president has to provide funding. Besides, what would the display? A MAGA hat and reams of golf scores.