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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Let the Staycation Begin

 Yes, it has begun, the Staycation.  Well, that's not exactly true since it implies I won't be going anywhere.  I'm actually heading down to York, PA in a few hours to have lunch with my friend Betsy.  Tomorrow, I'm going the That Fish Place in Lancaster.  There's also yard work which needs to be done.  A good wacking of the weeds out side the fence, and there is a lot of pesky English ivy which needs to be taken care of before it covers the fence.  

I started watching something called Manifest last evening... it didn't really impress me.  Series developed for television usually fail to impress me, I suspect because they're written specifically to allow for commercial breaks.  Every 10 minutes or so there's a mini-hook to hold your interest while the commercials play.  Watching the show on Netflix where there are no commercials, the storyline really comes across as bumpy.  And I'm not even going to get into the show's predictability.  Ouch.  Losing interest, I began watching 'Army of the Dead,' Zack Snyder's latest attempt at exploitation and... fell asleep.


And the Southern Baptists are having a Civil War convention.  Evidently, not all the members want to play nice, some of them are MAGAs, some of them are pseudo Christians, there's a lot of racist comments being thrown at the white Baptists because they don't want to teach Race Theory.  People are quitting.  Golly, gee whiz!  Is anybody surprised?  For years, their philosophy has been 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.'  As might be expected, some want a lot more scratching then they deserve.  And some are just walking away because this shit show is seething just below the surface.  Let the fireworks begin!


  1. If we don't teach American racism we won't learn from it.

    1. Conservatives have always tried to cover up their shit!

  2. Isn't time off work just bliss (particularly in the summer when it's ok to be lazy). Enjoy!

  3. Isn't time off work just bliss (particularly in the summer when it's ok to be lazy). Enjoy!