I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Friday, June 18, 2021


 Well, I get to go back to work today... and I have to wait 3.5 weeks until I have another of my Staycations.  How miserable is that?  heavy sigh

Quite a lot was accomplished yesterday, including a mowing of the lawn and a wacking of the weeds.  I will need to wack them more and more often.  There used to be lawn there, too.  The ugly truth is I need to wack to weeds to get the grass to grow.

I harvested peaches, there are still too many on the tree.  And so far, the squirrels have not eaten all of my nectarines.  They are growing much more slowly.

Using my Rouvy app, I road the Applegate route, which is in California wine country.  Lots of nice sized hills - good for the legs.  It took over 55 minutes and that time flew by.  The last time I rode Applegate was in November of 2019 - wow!

And I signed up for Peacock (NBC / Universal's streaming service for... FREE!  I had read there was a $4.99 per month charge and I didn't stick around to see if I had only signed up for a trial week.  

Does anyone ever tell non-binary people they can never be an individual?

Crap!  I have to remember to do my 'health check' before going into work.

I ordered a picture frame from Amazon for a little project I'm working on.  The sucker was supposed to arrive 6/16.  Well, it still hasn't shipped.  Problems, I suspect.  So I went into cancel the order, I used another frame to finish the project, and got an email from Amazon that I couldn't cancel because the vendor was preparing to ship the frame.  Well, it's 6/18 and that sucker still hasn't shipped.  I will return it because it arrived to late.  The project is finished.

For those who haven't realized this yet, I'm am a very decisive individual.  I make up my mind fast, with little deliberation unlike some who are, as I say, always 'dickin' around.  Believe me, I deal with indecisive people, people who need to purchase what's 'popular.'  It's so easy for some to fall into the 'trendy trap.'  This is how life is. Make up your own mind, decide for yourself.

I understand the Republicans held some sort of news conference on Tuesday (I only heard about it this morning).  According to them, the United States is in crisis mode... unfortunately most don't see that.  The real crisis for them is that they no longer control neither the House, nor the Senate, nor the Presidency, and so they are desperately trying to create a number of monument crises.  They are a good example of herd mentality.  I don't believe there's more then 2 or 3 good individuals among them.


  1. The Repugs are throwing everything to see what sticks. During four years they did nothing while the country crumbled and now they manufacture scandals and run around crying wolf.
    I hope they never recover.


    1. There's quite a good possibility your hopes will become reality.

  2. The GOP can FOAD,

    h/t Anne Marie

  3. I ordered a monitor from Amazon for one of my sons. It was delayed and I canceled it. Then, it ended up showing up. I have not checked to see if they charged me again or not.

    1. Usually they charge you as soon as it ships. I have several cancellations arrive and every time I've been told to keep the product, but they've all been small purchases, never anything like a monitor.

  4. "I have to wait 3.5 weeks until I have another of my Staycations. How miserable is that?"

    Now, that's the spirit!!!!! Yet another reason Amazon is frustrating. You can't cancel? The issue is there problem not yours.