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Monday, February 10, 2020

These are not White Republicans

My weekend begins today!  I was going to post a gif of a puppy joyously dancing in celebration, but I chose not to.  That might sadden some of my readers... those who are returning to a work week.
I am a bit on the tired side since I stayed up to watch the Oscars.  The show moves so much faster without a host.  I think that change was very smart of the producers.  The TV viewing audience isn't sitting on pins and needles waiting to be entertained.  Nope.  They're just waiting for the names of the winners.  I was glad Brad Pitt won.  Isn't it nice to know some pretty boys can grow up to act?
The acting awards were pretty much in the bag before their names were announced.  Brad's and Laura's speeches were nice and short.  Joaquin's was too long, but at least he had a focus point.  Renee's... ?  She had no problem serving up a word salad with a southern twang dressing.  She reminded me that some actors are only as good as their script.
About the diversity thing some complain about.  Two years ago the Academy of Arts and Sciences increased their membership by 842 - all of whom were women and minorities.  This was done under the belief that more minorities would equate to more minority nominations.  The truth is minority members are not like White Republicans.  They do not nominate simply because of color or gender.  To do so would put them in the same playing field as White Republicans, who only nominate and vote for White Republicans.
Last evening black animators won their first Academy Award for a film about... black people dealing with their hair.  One of the winners said "cartoons are the first movies children watch."  Hidur (I can't pronounce or spell her last name) was the first woman to ever win an Oscar for Best Original Film Score.  Two women (one a Director and one a Producer) won the Oscar for Full Length Documentary Feature.  An Asian won the award for Best Make-up Design.  And then, of course, there was this little winner.

"Parasite," a South Korean film released in the United States with sub-titles won the Grand Prize, Best Picture of the Year.  In fact, "Parasite" won 4 very, very prestigious awards:  Writing, Directing, International Film, and Best Picture.  This is what you call diversity.  I'll bet this pissed off a lot of MAGA heads and White Supremacists.  Do not expect minority members of the Academy to only nominate and vote for minorities... that's racist.  These voting members of the Academy are not White Republicans.


  1. Hi Dave. I stopped watching all award shows, with the exception of the Kennedy Center Honors, years ago. The Oscars are so boring if one hasn't seen any of the movies nominated. You enjoy your weekend and Happy Dance your ass off!

    1. I go to the movies a lot so for me they're very interesting. And my weekend has been so much fun so far... I've been painting baseboard trim.

  2. Parasite was a slap on the face to IMPOTUS and his racist politics. Obama’s company won an Oscar, too. Double whammy.
    I watched the highlights on YouTube.


    1. I'm glad you picked up on the 'slap in the face,' I don't think a lot of people did.