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Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Flamingo in my Bed

Can you believe it?  Today's my Thursday!  I almost feel like posting a little dancing gif to celebrate!
As I've mentioned before, I am at that stage of my life when downsizing moves past the option stage.  Slowly, I've been bringing things down from the attic and either giving them. or throwing them, away.  Honestly, tossing my stuff into the garbage is a last resort.  A friend of mine at work has just moved into his first apartment and is pretty much starting out with nothing... and I have all this dinnerware.  My days of hosting dinner parties have passed.  I no longer feel the need to own 18 place settings.  I have no sentimental value for plates, or soup bowls, or wine glasses, and by giving them to him I know they're going to be used.
I saw an interesting opinion about Bernie and how he's in trouble, losing Iowa and barely scratching out a win in New Hampshire.  Evidently, in 2016 he was getting 60% of the vote in those states... not anymore.  Prepare yourselves for the Bitter Bernie to be revealed, the angry old man who can't stop trying to play the same broken record over, and over, and over again.  I do not doubt he's on all sorts of blood thinners to keep  from having a heart attack. 
For those interested in my progress of the 2nd draft, I am approaching the Bend in the River.  In Sunny Rigalito's opening speech, she mentions 'a body being found hung up on the rocks at the bend in the river.'  Of course, she's talking about something that happened 100 years ago.  So, why do Eli and Max need to go 'the bend in the river?'  hhmmmm, well, that's a secret for now.
And finally, I found a flamingo in my bed last night.

Maybe the dogs thought she was tired.


  1. Downsizing... tell me about it, I have all my stuff here at the farm and my parents never threw anything out. I need an auction to happen.
    Maybe one of the dogs decided to try out being a retriever? Lol

  2. Oh lordy I need to get to work getting rid of more stuff too. I was doing quite well until I had the workmen in and now seem to have ground to a halt. Add to that I have all my ex-husband's crap in my basement too, I'd better get moving. And I know what you mean about not needing dozens of plates and so on. I still have way too many but I've decided I don't enjoy hosting dinner parties any more so I don't. Then, when I have people round it's for fun stuff and I don't think anyone cares if the plates don't match do they. But still, my eyes glaze over just thinking about all that stuff that needs shifting!

  3. I went through that glazed stage, until I realized that if I didn't get rid of the stuff the job was going to fall to someone else. The last thing I want is people asking 'why in hell did he save all this crap?'