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Friday, February 28, 2020

A shapely muscle group

Friday!  My new week starts today... kind of, since I only work 4 days before I have my next day off.  That's right, I'm off on Super Tuesday, not that we're voting here in PA.  Our Primary is on April 28.  A number of states jumped on board the Super Tuesday train, they want to be among the first voters to help choose our next nominee.  What that really does is give the candidates a smaller time window to visit your state.  Instead of being able to spend time in your state, they fly in and fly out.  They hold a rally and move on.  Voters need to rely on the either the Internet or the media to find out about their potential candidate.  Sound bits are a poor way of educating oneself.
I went for another ride in the Dolomites yesterday:  Passo Pordoi.  I rode a smidgin over 3 miles in 45 minutes... all uphill.  Hills are great.  Afterwards I could feel it in my quads and my buttocks.  Yeah, that's right... my buttocks.  For most of us, buttocks are a fairly large muscle group.  They are not just a wobbly slab of fat you sit on to watch TV.  Next time you see a cyclist, check out his buttocks if you want to see a shapely muscle group.
And, of course, Wall Street did a bit of a crash dive yesterday.  I wasn't really following it, so I was fairly surprised when, after finishing my ride, I checked out my Bloomberg app.  Son of a Bitch!  I really feel sorry for people with 401k's...well, except for Republicans, they deserve the pain.  By the looks of it, the markets are not going to stop their free-fall quite yet.  Not enough damage has been done to the MAGA heads yet. 
On a much brighter note, I took another picture of my Christmas Cactus yesterday.  I think I'm going to start calling it the Crimson Bloomer.


  1. Sadly,for those infected at least, this virus might completely undo ______.

    1. And, of course, they can't get their message straight since they all want to point the finger at someone else.

  2. Oh, honey. The FIRST thing I check on a guy cycling is his ass and wonder how hard it is. Also, the fact that he's cycling tells me he can ride me until the cows come home. Yep. I think about all that when you pass me in a bicycle.
    Your Xmas Xtus is AWESOME. I've always wanted one.


    American politics are full of pomp and circumstance and are not really logical. Hopefully this super Tuesday will be useful so things get clearer and we are left with only three or four people running. The billionaires need to GO.

  3. Oh I love to see a nice butt in a pair of cycling shorts. Your backside isn't meant to be flabby is it!

    1. It is an interesting combination, you know, Lycra and buttocks.