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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The E Ticket

Oh, my, I get to go back to work today.. for 2 days, and then I have another solitary day off.  Can we talk about things that suck?
My first reader as a copy of The Body in the Well.  Her first comment:  "It's big."  She then asked if there were a lot of 'twists and turns.'  To be honest, I never thought of it that way.  A number of characters could be guilty of murder.  I guess I'll have to wait and see if she thinks that 's the case.  Another reader gets a copy today.  The final reader will be getting his copy tomorrow.  I'm not sitting on pins and needles.  My readers will either like it or not.  One asked if it was riveting.  My response:  It's an 'E' ticket ride at Disneyland.

So, how many of you really want to go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?
I guess there's another debate tonight in South Carolina.  Of course, I'm not going to watch.  Tomorrow morning all of the pundits will be clamoring about what they liked and what they didn't, who came in strong and who looked week.  At the last debate they all jumped on Bloomberg, tonight they'll go after Sanders.  Speaking of Sanders, he spit out a couple of turds on how Fidel Castro, a Communist Dictator, got some of it right...  ....  I'll bet that squishes when he sits down.
On my cycling.  I've cancelled my Rouvy subscription.  It will expire is 6 months.  I'm enjoying the Tacx software.  Yesterday I went for a 9 mile ride in Catalonia.  I rode across cobblestones... and I could feel them.  The road was not always smooth, and I could feel the rough patches.  The videos seem much clearer on my big TV.
I also got a big laugh yesterday when I saw some Bobo Brain from Fox Business News said the Stock Market dropped because of Bernie Sanders win in Nevada.  His was the only voice not mentioning the Coronavirus, or Pandemic.  His head is so far up the Idiot Jerk's ass, this 'analyst' will never see daylight again.  He's the kind of fool who will sit out in the parking lot looking in at Disneyland.  He will never experience the joy of an E Ticket ride.



  1. I have done an E ticket ride (it's a small world); after that, I wanted to shoot my brains out from hearing that shitty song!

    currently on chapter 15 (the body in the tower); we are in the louvre. no, bobby, the mona lisa is NOT naked; I have seen her up close and personal 50 years ago this july.

    1. My opinion of the Mona Lisa is much closer to Cook's

      And I cannot believe you didn't like a song about little people.

  2. Trouble is, many of Trump's supporters will believe the stock market drops really don't have anything to do with the pandemic! You can't win!

    1. No, they believe they are tied to him, so the more they drop, the more they will realize just how big a phony he is.

  3. You know there's no way to convince the Trumpanzees that Cheeto is fucking up the country. Or that he has no idea how to deal with a crisis.
    The debate was, of course, a mess. Warren let Bloomberg have it and they didn't discuss anything crucial. There. That's the ticket.


  4. Yes, I heard it was... entertaining.