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Monday, February 24, 2020

A vote for Daffy

So, I've begun my 3 weeks of shitty schedules.  That should change during the middle of March when I've scheduled myself to take some vaca time.  I cannot wait.
Last evening, I finished The Body in the Well.  I am so glad.  I've been working on it for 11 months and it's break time.  This morning, I started printing off the first copy for my readers and... I ran out of toner.  Son of a bitch.  That means around 0900 I'm going to have to run in to Staples and pick up a cartridge or two.  For those interested, the book is 94,472 words long.  The copy I print out is 248 pages long, it will be longer when the paperback version comes out, their pages usually only hold about 250 - 300 words.  I suspect it will be available sometime in mid-April.
This means I will also have between 1.5 - 2 hours of free time every evening... for a while at least.  I will enjoy the time, for a while, at least.  Notes are already being taken:  Scotland...castles... secret passageways... and men in kilts.
I do get a chuckle out of all the 'nay' and 'maybe sayers' in politics right now.  A lot of this is media hype.  There's a difference between that and 'fake news.'  The Idiot Jerk's administration call anything unfavorable 'fake news,' all the while pumping its own lies.  Pundits who are desperate for crumbs of attention are pounding their shoes on the table shrieking "who can beat the Idiot Jerk?"  Well, do you want to know who can beat that scumbag?  Here he is!

Now I know some of you are saying "hey, that's an animated character."  That's the point.  There is so much pent up anger and animosity towards the Idiot Jerk and his party, even Daffy Duck, if he could run, would beat the pants off him in November.  Should Bernie get the nomination, no one is going to sit on the fence saying "I'm not a fan, so I'm going to give the Idiot Jerk in the White House another 4 years."  This is why, when people say the Idiot Jerk's going to win in November, I say "hell, even Daffy Duck could kick his ass."  American anger will not be mollified, so do not discount it.


  1. I'm beginning to worry, though, that the word "socialist" will scare off some voters, no matter how much they loathe _____ and they'll stay home.

    Hopefully everyone will put aside their petty differences and vote for whomever gets the nomination.

  2. I don't know, Dave. Daffy is black and what are the chances of that happening again anytime soon? Better go with Donald instead. Ooops, not that name again! Goofy, I meant Goofy. Nope, he's black too! Mickey? Same "problem". Okay, Olaf, that's the ticket!

  3. No Deedles you need Donald duck he's white and couldn't be any worse than the other Donald.
    The thing is Dave people are lazy and I think it helps to keep saying that dumb dumb is coming back, hopefully it will make people angry enough to vote against him. Remember the last election, people in the know kept saying he was going to win, everyone else kept saying that's NEVER going to happen... and yet it happened. In the last four years you lost a lot of older voters and gained a lot of college aged voters, hopefully that makes a difference.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, my yes, there's nothing like a good man in a kilt.

  5. Yay
    Congratulations on finishing it!
    And I think Bernie is gonna get many delegates. We could get a surprise later, though. But really vote blue no matter who. Am I right?


    1. Thanks.
      We have to wait and see, there have only been 2 caucuses, the voters haven't begun to let the Democrats know who they like.

  6. I have been urging hard two Dem friends to vote for who ever gets the nomination. They both insist they will not vote for Bernie if he gets it. I tell them then , they may as well just vote for the Great Ass then. It's like giving him a vote. THIS is what I fear will happen.

    1. They will vote because another 4 years of the Idiot Jerk will send the country into crazy, tinfoil dictator hell.