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Friday, May 24, 2019

Pink Peonies... and other stuff

Well, I'm starting this a bit late this AM, I had the alarm set for 0430 but the dogs decided they needed to go 'potty outside' at around 0300, so I turned off the alarm and got up around 0530.  I'm thinking I may have to rethink my schedule again.
Yesterday we had storm warnings all day, and only one thunderstorm went through around mid-afternoon.  I was worried we'd have constant storms all night.
The pink peonies are in bloom.

And, of course, the wall of roses in my front yard is prepping for their first display of the season.

This is the top of one of 3 bushes
And, on the political scene - things are not just too peachy for the Idiot Jerk.  He's shrieking, and moaning, and Tweeting.  North Korea's blaming the administration for the failed summit.  The Pentagon is asking to send 5000 - 10,000 troops to the mid-east.  We just gave another $16 billion to America's farmers - tariffs, you know.  Oh, and he just signed an Executive Order instructing "all" intelligence agencies to give his henchie, Billy Barr, all info, classified and non-classified, on Russian interference in the 2016 election.  And all that happened in about 20 minutes, yesterday.  
For those who didn't know, Merrick Garland is the judge of the hour... the week... the month... and the year.  The Idiot Jerk's taxes... you know?  This is what you call Karma, or, if you're religious, Justice.  I'm sure that when Mitchy McTurtle heard this knews he turned his head slightly to the side and mutter and quiet "Oh, shit."
Finally... Theresa May is resigning.  Is this the end of Brexit?  Nope.  It just means the divorce is just going to get messier.  And all those bobble-headed voters who thought this was going to be an easy process are rethinking their votes.  Maybe I should try sending them all a picture of my pink peonies... that might brighten their day.


  1. Gorgeous peonies, Dave. Years ago, when I lived in NJ with the parents, our walkway to the front door was lined with bush after bush of peonies. Thanks for the memory.

    1. When I was little, the back of our yard was filled with white peonies. We would cut them and put them in glasses of water with food coloring and ended up with orange, and blue, and green, and yellow peonies.

  2. I'll look at the flowers and ignore the BLOTUS.

    1. I have some new things planted, we'll have to see how well they do.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! You have GOT to post a photo of the roses. Peonies are ok but I’m a sucker for roses.
    And Cheeto has been a mess this weekend. He’s feeling cornered, I think.
    Yay for Garland! 😎. Karma, it’s called.


    1. More roses today.

      His ego can't take getting smacked back, and that seems to be happening daily.