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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bernie's Favorite

Went to see the Avengers last night, got home after 10 PM, and so I slept in - I'm off today.  I thought it was very good... but it wasn't great.  Every Avenger gets to have a shining, dramatic moment - that's not a spoiler by the way.  If you are a fan of every one of them, this is great.  If you're not... well...  I'm not a big Jeremy Renner fan, so his shining moment was not too glittery for me, nor am I a big Robert Downey Jr fan, but his scenes with Richard Slattery were a nice surprise.  One of the things I disliked the most was that anyone who was ever in any Marvel Studio superhero movie shows up for a few onscreen minutes.  This is why the film is 3 hours and 2 minutes long.  Now, I will admit that except for the not too shiny dramatic moments, it did not seem like 3 hours.  After the climatic battle scene, and there's always a climatic battle scene, they could have wrapped things up quicker since a few of those not too shimmering dramatic moments happened then.  If you're interested in going to see it, do so on the 'big screen' since it is spectacular... most of the time.
I guess Billy Barr is supposed to testify before some House committee today.  Mueller was evidently not too pleased with Billy's summary of the two year investigation into the Idiot Jerks treasonous activities.  Gee, didn't he know Billy was put into place to squelch the truth?  The funny thing is that Billy is skating along on thin ice... and I suspect he knows this.  When the Idiot Jerk goes down, people are going to be examining Billy's unethical decisions and asking 'yo, was Billy colluding with the treasonous Idiot Jerk?'
And more polls are coming out about the presidential race that's starting a year and a half early and Biden has a double digit lead over... Bernie.  And Bernie must think someone's running a Cuisipro grater up and down his ass just for the zest of it. 

Bernie's favorite


  1. the senate is talking to barr today; and being the deplorables that they are, the questions will be softball.

    bernie can shove that grater up his old white ass!

  2. Balder Half saw this movie with younger fana...uh, friends. I was ill and I don't like going on opening weekends anyway. He will be seeing it again, and taking me. This is the only kind of movie that I'll go to see in a theater. I was informed that we will be going to an early showing and that I will still have to get a nap in.
    I love that last sentence! You do have a way with words, my man.

  3. I needs to see this movie then. I’m a Stark fan, so I will look for that scene.
    Barr testified today and hmmm and hammmmd his way through lying through his teeth. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono basically handed him his balls. And he’s chickening out of taking to the Dems tomorrow. Just like his boss.
    I’m jelly you get to sleep late during the week.


    1. Yeah, Billy was pissing and moaning for 4 hours.
      And just remember, I have to get up early, early, early during the weekend.