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Friday, May 17, 2019

Sans pictures... almost

Well, I go back to work today.... note the enthusiasm in my font.
I also got up early with the intention of getting in some cardio....  my legs have the same enthusiasm as my font.  This is how it goes some days.  
My neighbor asked if I was off the entire week.  "Nope," I explained, "just a weird schedule."  Now I get to work 4 days and then have off for 2 and work 6.
I will be off next Tuesday, which is primary day in Pennsylvania.  Democrats will vote for Democrats and Republicans will vote for Moral Degenerates.  What makes this interesting is that this year, as in every past primary election, I get bombarded with flyers for the other party.  One candidate brags that she's the "wife to Anthony; mother to John and Leo."  She considers this pertinent information.  Another candidate brags that she's a "33 year veteran."  Does that mean she was in the military 33 years ago, or that she's been serving the country in the military for 33 years?  She also has 3 amazing children!  Isn't that nice?  I've received 2 mailers from her so far...  Oh, and she wants to be a judge.
As for the Democrats, I got one letter endorsing one candidate from the Democratic committee.  I suspect this is because Democrats tend to spend more time educating themselves on their candidates.  For them, issues are far more important than having "3 amazing children."    Educate yourselves.  Know your candidates.  Do not rely on mailers filled with vague information and family pictures.
And, speaking of pictures, I took a whole bunch yesterday with the intention of posting more today.  So, you ask, why am I doing an entry sans pictures?  Well, they're still in the camera.  You see Nikon decided this camera was going to use either WiFi or Bluetoom to transfer pictures.  There is an HDMI port, but no cable was provided.  Unfortunately connectivity has always been a problem.  Yesterday I started getting the message "camera is out of range."  This means the camera is not transmitting anything.  So this morning I ordered an HDMI cable, something which should have been included at the time of purchase.
Since I did want to include at least picture and since not from the camera were available, I thought I show off Lug the Nut.  I'm going to try and take him out this evening when I get home from work.

If you scrub off their makeup, most Republicans will look like Lug.


  1. bwhahahahahahaha (that last sentence is SO fucking true)!

    I don't give five fat flying fucks if you have brats or if you have military service or if you can bake amazing cakes. WHAT ARE YOUR POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES THAT MEAN SOMETHING TO ME, IDIOTS?

    1. Republicans show off their families because they don't deal with issues.

  2. Oh, voting.
    It’s gonna be MADNESS if this is just the Primaries.
    I also hate with people define themselves as the... of... WTF? Are they what? An appendage?
    It fascinates me that you -like every other boy I know- is so much into video games. I just can’t! I think it’s because I wear glasses.


    1. Uhhh, I wear glasses... and I'm not exactly a boy except in my head.