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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


I ordered some new slippers - they arrive today.  Depending upon the temperature, I'm either barefooted, in socks, or wearing slippers when I'm at home.  I like to keep my tootsies warm when it's cool outside.
My phone is beginning to piss me off.  It's an S8, only 3 years old, and it rarely 'fast charges' anymore, and 'slow charging' has become very, very slow.  Mostly I use my phone for texting, checking my emails, checking news feeds, and, of course, phone calls.  I want to be able to plug it in at night and have it fully charged the next morning.  That's not happening on a regular basis, and I'll be honest, I do send a lot of texts and read a lot of news.  I normally hold onto a phone for at least 4 years and it's irritating that I might have to "update" early.  I can also tell you, I am not alone.  We have a charging station in our lunch room at work and there are always phones being charged.  What I'm looking at is a Google Pixel... less expensive and does everything I need it to do.  But then again, I might just hold onto the S8 for another year or so and deal with the hassle of charging.
The Mumbai Hookers Union posted another comment on my blog....  I guess they'll try and peddle their whores anywhere.
Today's election day here in PA!  I'm going to go vote!  We need to take our government back from the Crazies on the Right.  Normal needs to become the law of the land.
And I saw a Federal Judge handed the Idiot Jerk a defeat in regard to his taxes.  Oh, shit, looks like that's going to move on to the Supreme Court where his boys Brett and Neil will... oh, wait, the Idiot Jerk will long be out of the presidency by the time that happens.
After today, I am scheduled to work for 6 days straight.  Then, I get to have 2 days off before working another 6 days in a row.  Memorial Day, you know?  We have about 2 weeks in which our aisles turn in a 'deal-a-thon' shit show.  Customers will buy this crap and in 3 weeks, when it breaks, they will realize it's nothing but crap and return it.  You would think that by now people might realize that those who actually manufacture these 'deals' are in the business to make money, not give you value for you $$$.  Of course, they don't.  Nope.  They get all charged up to run out and spend their hard earned $$$ on 'special deals' that are anything but special.


  1. Oh shit. When phones start throwing tantrums it’s the pits. I have an iPhone and I also keep my phones for AGES.
    I reported the Mumbai hookers and put them in my spam folder. Hate them.
    And Cheeto’s lawyer didn’t show up. I hope the Dems put his ass in jail.
    Merrick Garland is the name Cheeto should be chewing right about now...

    1. Yeah, I really hate the idea of getting a new phone.
      And the Mumbai hookers? Maybe we should have one sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  2. Yeah, I good idea to send them to the White House. They sure would get some business.

  3. the whores can pee on the dump!

    spouse and I voted this morning! we now have paper ballots that are fed into a locked scanner. hopefully this scanner is russian-bot-proof.

    1. Yeah, I was told that we are getting new voting machines too