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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vote Him Out

Sunday morning and of course, I have to work.  I'm running solo today.  The only specialist in the department.  Weekends are our busiest times and yet, for our department at least, that's when scheduling seems to be the lightest.  This doesn't mean I'm totally by myself.  The aisle supervisor comes in at 11, but he has not been trained is specialty operations.  The weather today is supposed to be drizzly wizzly so we may not be too busy.
Adam Schiff very succinctly laid the truth out for the Democratic Party in regards to the Idiot Jerk in the White House:  Whether we "impeach him or not, the best way to deal with this problem is to vote his ass out of office."  I paraphrased that a bit, but the gist still remains:  use your vote to eliminate this biological mistake.  Calling him a biological mistake is probably putting it mildly.  He is an anachronism.  He wants to be a dictator, like Stalin, like Mussolini, like Castro.  He wants to rely on his henchies, the Evangelicals, to carry out his decrees.  I scan through Facebook every morning, not to really look at what friends say, rather it's to check out the politics and what people like and dislike.  The Idiot Jerk had a rally last evening to preach his hate.  One of the comments which stuck out was supposedly from a woman.  She wrote "Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord," and not once did she mention the Idiot Jerk.  Whether you understand it or not, these people are being radicalized under our very noses.  If you think radicalized Muslims are bad, these people are going to be just as bad, if not worse.  The Idiot Jerk is not going to care if they resort to violence, just as long as he manages to stay in power.  We need to shut them up, shut them down, and vote them out.  All of them.
Anyway, I guess I'm going to see The Avengers" on Tuesday night.  It's cheap night, which means it's going to be packed.  We're getting our tickets early in the day.  Shows are running every hour on the hour from 1100.  I can not remember the last time we had a 'blockbuster' like this... seriously.  When I was a kid, I can remember waiting in line with my parents to see "The Absent Minded Professor," a Disney classic.

Back then it was playing in only one theater so every popular movie had a line.  This movie is playing on 4 screens at the theater I am going to, 16 times (counting 3D) on Tuesday.  Trying to comprehend that is almost as bad as trying to comprehend the size of the universe... well, maybe not that bad.


  1. I believe adam schiff. and after we vote the dump out, he'll have to be physically removed from the whites-only house.

    1. That's because the second he steps out the door the indictments are going converge on his orange ass.

  2. I like to think Dorothy Zbornak said it best,

    "One sperm with a sense of direction, and we're all paying for it for the rest of our lives."

  3. Cheeto (and all his psycho minions) should be vanished from any governmental job.