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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sparkling news

“All this time, while we patiently waited for you to do your jobs, someone has been raping this museum, piece by piece by piece.”

                                                                Claude Aubert… Director of Security

That's the epigraph for "The Body in the Tower."  Normally an epigraph comes from another writer, many times authors will take one from Shakespeare.  I choose not to do so mostly because I can never find anything which fits my work.  I'd rather let one of my characters provide the introduction.  What I don't provide is information about that character.  I don't tell you if Claude Aubert is one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys.
And, of course, yesterday we did get a lot of 'sparkling news!'

In the first poll of the 2020 presidential race Biden has a 6% lead over the Idiot Jerk.  He also raised $6.3 in campaign donations in the first 24 hours of his campaign.
The Idiot Jerk stood by his Charlottesville comments and once again chose not to blame White Supremacists.
Only 3 out of 10, that's 30% of registered voters, believe the Idiot Jerk was exonerated (let that sink in) and his approval rating seems to be solidly grounded at 39%.
The NRA is crashing in chaos.  Wayne LaPierre has been asked to resign by Ollie North.  Remember Ollie?  He's the one who had Fawn Hall sneak secret documents in her panties during the Iran-Contra Hearings.
Maria Butina, the Russkie who infiltrated the NRA was sentenced to 18 months in jail.
A man was arrested for throwing a phone on the stage at the NRA convention prior to the Idiot Jerk's entrance (that made me laugh).
And Bernie has signed and dated his Democratic Affirmation agreement: 

BERNIE SANDERS: The most important thing that has got to happen is that this dangerous president is defeated. I'm going to do everything I can to defeat him. I look forward to winning the Democratic nomination. And if I don't, I will support anybody else who's out there to defeat him. But this guy cannot win another term.

On a slightly amusing note, on the 24th Bernie also filed paperwork for his re-election campaign as a senator from New Hampshire.  I suspect Bernie realizes something his supporters don't.


  1. bernie is SO 2016. and uncle joe is too damn old.

    in indianapolis yesterday, the dump and the gun nuts sucked each other off, then turned on their guns and did the same thing. infighting is funny!

    stop teasing us and get that book into our hands already!

    1. They're so crooked they can't stand each other.

      The book is waiting for 2 more copies to come back.

  2. Bernie makes me uncomfortable. I he wins the nomination, well, he does, but if he doesn’t, I’m afraid it’ll be 2016 all over again.
    Cheeto’s base is a rabidly racist as he is. They won’t let go. Yesterday I saw a Cheeto 2020 sticker. Shameless!
    The NRA is a terrorist organization and a money laundering scheme playing the victim. Hope they go bankrupt. 30% of the population cannot support it, I guess.
    Butina needed 180 months. Somebody with a blunt gets 12 years but a russian spy gets 18 months? Outrageous.


    P.S. I wanna read your book, Dave.

    1. Bernie will not get the nomination, that I'm sure of... who will get it? I don't know.

  3. Bernie's covering all his bases because he's "Bernie, first."

    1. His socialistic views take him too far to the right for a lot of Centrist voters.

  4. I will support anybody else who's out there to defeat him. But this guy cannot win another term.

    One thing Bernie and I agree on. I also agree with Sixpense. I love Mayor Pete, and not just because of the gay angle. We need to ideas and blood. Shall Bernie get the nom, I too fear 2016 again. Joe or Pete have to get this. I enjoy Kamala too, but don't think she'd stand a chance against trump.

    1. No, but she'd be damn good as a Vice Presidential running mate!