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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Squash This

Tuesday!  and I get to go back to work... and I'm not really that excited about it.  Can you tell? 😒  Even though I only have to work for 2 days, I'm still feeling 😒... this is life.
I saw where a 2nd woman has come forward to complicate Joe Biden's bid for the Democratic nomination.  He made her feel very uncomfortable by... rubbing his nose against hers.  The first thought zinging through my mind when I heard that was:  "What the fuck!"  The 2nd was? "Is she under psychiatric care?"  Can we talk about being overly sensitive?  Does she complain about everything that makes her feel uncomfortable?  What she really needs to do is get a job in retail.  Back when I was managing the paint department, I color matched an exterior stain for a woman.  She was furious because the match was not exact.  She yelled across the counter, "I hope yesterday was your first day on the job because you're fucking incompetent!  If not, you should be fired!"  So, tell me, what do you think Miss Nose Rub would do in this situation?  Burst into tears?  Or, maybe look for Joe Biden to give her a comforting nose rub?
Over in the UK, I saw where Nick Boles has resigned, adding to the Brexit mess.  His reason?  Conservatives are refusing to compromise.  What world has Nick been living on?  Conservatives never compromise.  Look how they're screwing up America.  Their most favorite word is... "no."
And, speaking of America, evidently many Republicans felt that when Billy Barr refused to admit the Idiot Jerk in the White House was guilty of obstructing justice his approval rating would... go up.  That's what the Idiot Jerk thought, that once the 'witch hunt' was over the American people would fall in love with him.   That man is dumb as a brick.  A large majority of voters still believe there was some sort of collusion, and they're certain obstruction of justice was a daily practice.  As a result his approval rating is stuck in a stagnant pool, supported only by the brain dead conservatives whose favorite word is "no."  An approval rating of 43% is horrendous if you're trying to get your ass re-elected.
Finally.  More of the seeds I planted are getting blossoms.  These are definitely squash. 

If the weather warms up enough, I'll take it outside so some buzzy insect can make it pregnant with baby squash.


  1. All I know is if all these democratics of them better knock him out.

    1. He doesn't have a chance in hell of getting... wait a minute, I may be wrong... actually, I think he'd do pretty well in hell.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, when I saw it yesterday morning I was stunned.

  3. Dave, how low you have sunk! Starting out with nonconsensual nose rubbing, or Eskimo rape, and ending with pimping out your innocent little squash blossom to bees! Oh, the shame of it all! That blossom is quite pretty, though. Too bad it produces squash, blurrrgggghhhh!

    1. You think I'm low now... wait until I showing off my pansies.. oh, wait, did I spell that right?