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Friday, April 5, 2019

Barr Failed

It's Friday.  There are those who will be posting little dancing gifs because they have the next 2 days off... me?  I get to work for 6 days.   This means I have one of my almost, but not quite weekends next weekend.  Translation:  I'm off Friday and Saturday.
No!  I'm not going to see "Sha-zam!"  I work with a gent (early 60's) who's all excited.  He goes to see every 'super hero' movie.  When he asked if I was going to see it, I told him 'no.'  He over enthusiastically said "but it's Sha-zam!" To which I responded: "I wouldn't see that shit if you paid my way."  In case you didn't know, this gent is a Republican and supports the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This is the mindset we're dealing with on a daily basis.  When ever I hear Sha-zam, this is what I think of:

Now that I've managed to stick that in your brain for life, shall we move on?
As AM pointed out yesterday, the Idiot Jerk was flipping crazy burgers... with lots of cheese.  Both the NYT and the Washington Post are posting stories about how those on the Mueller investigation are 'unhappy" with the way the report was released.  Fanning the flames is the fact that we all know the Idiot Jerk was expecting a bounce in the polls.  He did try and do some sort of 'victory dance' shouting out he had been exonerated - everybody except his base knew that was a lie.  You see, he thought that putting his henchie (Billy Barr) in the AG position was a sure fire way of growing his approval ratings.  He desperately wants to be popular.  Sha-zam!  The truth is Billy Barr failed.  The Idiot Jerk's approval ratings are... fucked stuck.  Nothing seems to effect them, even Billy Barr's attempted obstruction of justice.  They haven't gotten any higher, and when they drop it's only by about 4 or 5 percentage points.  This lack of improvement is beginning to cause... concern for the Republicans.  They can only rely on one group to go to the polls and vote for the Idiot Jerk and that group doesn't have the numbers to get him re-elected.
One final note:  the Idiot Jerk won on a technicality because of 1 thing, voters stayed home.  Why?  Two reasons:  many Democrats thought Hillary had it in the bag and there weren't enough morons in the US to elect the Idiot Jerk, but something even more telling is that Hillary had a disapproval rating of 54% among Independents.  They just didn't vote for her.  They either stayed home because they wanted Bernie as the candidate, or voted for someone else... not the Idiot Jerk, if they'd done that he'd have won by a landslide.  Approval is everything, which is why we should really be glad that Barr failed.  Sha-zam!!


  1. Oooh, Anne Marie is kind of mild this morning! I go to most superhero movies, but I think I'd rather watch an old Gomer Pyle episode than go to this one. Captain Marvel didn't trip any triggers for me either.

    1. Captain Marvel was good, but not great. I thought the lighting was way too dark. And this one? It's geared for 10 year old kids.