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Saturday, July 21, 2018

What's so good about over-time, and other stuff

I think it's fairly obvious by now that the Idiot Jerk has never had a good grasp on what a president can and can't do.  He is totally clueless in regard to democracy.  This doesn't mean he has never been aware of rules and regulations which govern our country, he just doesn't want them to apply to him.  Because of this, he is going to make Richard Nixon look like an alter boy.
The Dow failed to make up any of the ground it lost yesterday.  Get used to it.  His LLC's have filed for bankruptcy 6 times, (one, Trump Casino I believe, filed 3 times).  His wealth is built on braggadocio and high interest loans, nothing more.  He blames the Fed for raising interest rates - their a reason they raise them.  He doesn't understand that.
The only trading partner he wants is Russia... oh, and maybe North Korea, because they are led by strong leaders.  He sees nothing wrong with dictators.  When they speak, their people sit up and take notice.  That's not going to happen.
He is going to get worse because he's angry now.  His idea of making America great again was really all about Americans saying great things about him.  That's not happening.  Just the opposite.  He shrieks "fake news,' even as his own recorded words are played back to him.  Corrections of what he's said are coming daily.  Maybe he should stop speaking and Tweeting if he can't say what he means to say.  His temper has no bounds.  He hasn't said 'fuck you' publicly, but be prepared, it's coming.
I can't even imagine what it was like when he found out that the FBI has a taped conversation between he and his former favorite lawyer, Michael Cohen.    Not about Stormy, mind you, this one has to do with the former playboy bunny.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this asswipe has really bad Karma.  The world, and the United States, have front row seats as his Karma catches up with him.  The show should be great.
On a brighter note, I had to work an hour and a half overtime yesterday because some woman came into have blinds designed, 26 of them.  She showed up 45 minutes before I was do to leave.  So, you may ask what's so good about that much overtime?  Well, I'm going to leave a bit early tomorrow.  That's what's so good.


  1. Replies
    1. No, he needs to talk more, the more he talks, the more he pisses more people off.

  2. I'm with Dave, the more that buffoon speaks, the worse he looks.And sad to say, he can look worse!

  3. It's enough to drive one crazy thinking about him and the idiots who still support him.

    My mind hurts.

    1. Mine doesn't. I keep imagining how much what's happening must torment them.

  4. I agree that he should keep talking so that he can tighten the noose around that fat neck of his. You are right...he makes Tricky Dick Nixon look like an altar boy.

    1. And it's not even time to put on our party hats yet?