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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday was a day for getting things done!  Mowed the lawn - early, since they were calling for possible showers and thundershowers.  We got some showers late in the day, but nothing else.
Two loads of laundry washed and folded.  Dishes hand washed.  I have a dishwasher, but unless I'm cooking something big, usually resort to Palmolive.
Got the grocery shopping done.  Time for another BIG bag of Beneful. 
Half the floor in the computer / gym / cycling room got 3 coats of paint.  Only half because I move everything from one side of the room to the other side.  It looks nice.  Color is called Breeze Way..., sort of a swimming pool color.  The dogs only walked on the wet paint once!
It's nice when you accomplish more than you plan.
Earlier in the week Facebook took a shit in Mark Zuckerberg's pants.  Was it enough to wipe that smug little smile from his face?  Probably not.  What I thought surprising was people being... shocked.  Excuse me, people.  The lifespan of a social media network is evidently not that long.  Remember My Space.  Everybody wanted to be a part of My Space.  I think some are still on it.  I bring up Facebook because yesterday Twitter took a dive.  Oops.  People just don't seem to be signing in as often.  That's hurts advertising.  What is happening to all of the followers?  Well, duh, you don't need to sign in any more.  Look at the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  His every Tweet gets reposted almost immediately.  Before he began dominating the Twitterverse, you might read something and say, "gee, that's interesting."  But the Idiot Jerk?  Everybody knows he lies, and Twitter is the easy forum he has for spreading those lies.  If his main goal was to kill Twitter, he should get a "Mission Accomplished" medal.  He could wear it like all those phony medals dictators seem to enjoy wearing.
In case you missed it, yesterday he took credit for the economy in a Tweet.  Of course, he forgot to mention that the last time the economy was this good was in 2014 - when Barack Obama was president.  Ooops.

I just lost $15 billion dollars
So, what target is the Idiot jerk aiming for next?  My money says Instagram, which means he'll be able to do it with pictures.


  1. I'd LOVE to bitchslap zuckerberg until he bleeds! not a member of fuckbook, twits, instantpix, etc. worthless and a YUGE waste of time!

    1. I used to have fun on Facebook alienating people, but now it's all prayers squads and baby pictures.

  2. Yikes no Instagram. Pictures are too pretty their. And he is just hideous.