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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Sooner the Better

Well, here it is Monday and I don't have to work.  There are people who like having their days off split - not me.  I like sequential days off; 2 in a row is great, 3 is greater.  This week is not going to be enjoyable for me.
There are a number of items on the "to do" list for today.  We shall see how productive the day ends up being.  I do want to get the lawn mowed.  The electric mower works well.  It's quiet.  I mowed half of my front yard on Saturday.
I saw where a 7th wrestler has now come forward accusing Jim Jordan of ignoring the sexual abuse.  Holy Crap, sounds  shades of Dennis Hastert, doesn't it?  What is it with Conservatives and wrestlers?
And I see the Idiot Jerk in the White House is set to announce his choice for the Supreme Court.  The Social Conservatives are clamoring for some woman he, himself appointed to a judgeship.  Of course we know he doesn't care about experience.  Of course, giving them what they want will just increase the size of the blue wave this fall.  Does he or anybody in his inner circle understand that?  Absolutely not.  The wrong choice will lead to an ugly fight in the Senate and will further divide country. 
Right now I suspect he's obsessing over whether he should wear the blue polo shirt, or the blue turtleneck, for his meeting with Vlad.  You know he wants to make a good impression before he sells his soul to the Russkies.
Sometime this morning, I'm going to change out the crank on my bike.  This means I'll have a spare, but somewhat useless, crank on my hands.  I'd sort of like to compare it to the Idiot Jerk in the White House but can't, he's worse than useless.  Dictatorships always favor minority groups.  Favoring the few and pissing off the many never works.  The price always gets paid.  I will probably save my crank and someday rethread it.  The Idiot Jerk?  After mid-terms he'll probably go into exile.  The sooner the better.


  1. I just read an article online where it said that the Republicans could win the midterms. God I hope that won't happen!

    1. Not in Pennsylvania. The country is overwhelmingly Centrist so a major push by either the Right or the Left ends up rebounding in the opposite direction. Obama was actually a Left leaning Centrist. Conservatives totally fail to grasp this, which is why they ultimately damage their own agenda.

  2. Replies
    1. as long as he shits, his supporters will eat it up.