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Monday, July 2, 2018

Naked, Blonde, Russian Chicks & lighter stuff

So, every now and then I like to look at my stats:  who's reading the blog, from what country (Hello Italy!  you wonderful people!), and how they find my blog.  Every now and then I'll see a link to Camp Paradise (or something like that).  Being the curious type, I clicked on it.  That link took me to Chaturbate... a website where adult performers (men, or women, or a combination of one or both genders) perform for tips.  A blonde, naked, Russian chick was crawling across a bed towards the camera.  Needless to say, I clicked away as fast as possible to keep from gouging out my eyes.  Immediately after, I began to wonder if she might actually be FSB.  Is Russian intelligence reading my blog?  Or, do naked, blonde, Russian chicks just find it interesting?  Very Interesting.

Dogs, not naked, blonde, Russian chicks
So, the Temp here in Central PA hit 09 (F) yesterday.  Dogs don't know hot.  They want to go outside, and so I let them out.  They would do their business and then go sit under the River Birch.  Silly things, it wasn't as if they were in the shade.  They would sit there until I called them in.  This process was repeated about every 45 minutes.
And yesterday was my Mom's birthday.  85.  I took her some gourmet cookies.  She was rather talkative, which is funny since what she says has no basis in reality.  She told me her doctor calls her a 5 PM every day to tell her she has beautiful eyes.  Her dementia is caused by bad circulation... in her brain.  One of the residents in the home where she has her apartment passed away 2 weeks ago.  The woman's relatives decided to have a Memorial Service at the home, which seems odd since many of the other residents have the same problems my Mom has.  Anyway, the program from this service was sitting on my Mom's coffee table. I asked her about the woman.  She said, "she was one of my best friends... I only wish I could remember who she was."  Of course we laughed, because even my Mom could see the humor in what she'd said.


  1. Off topic but ... I remember you saying something about not getting email notifications about blog comments. I had the same issue and this morning Debra at She Who Seeks found a solution [if you still need it] at:

  2. The blogs stats are fun to look at. I am always amazed what people search for. I was on Chaterbait for a few months. It was amazing to see these men giving tips. One guy gave 20 just to see my junk. I only did it for about two months to say i did it. I'm curious like that. I'll try anything once.....well almost anything.

    Another hot one here. I'm getting ready to pull stakes up again for vacation.

    1. That is too funny! I checked it out once... you weren't the one in the Spiderman suit were you?

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    1. Which is why good parents monitor their outside time.