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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Defining Moments

Yesterday, on my first vacation day, I baked bread.  Wheat Bread.  It is delicious.  I used molasses instead of honey, but threw in a little extra sugar.  Simply scrumptious.
And there was another Supreme Court ruling yesterday that Conservatives are applauding regarding Ohio, and how they purge their voter rolls.  The initial case was brought by some guy named Harmon.  He evidently went 7 years without voting - his excuse was that he was unimpressed by the candidates.  He chose not to vote in the 2012 presidential election because neither Obama nor Romney jingled his bell.  What did finally send him to the voting booth?  A ballot measure intent on legalizing marijuana.  That's right, he didn't want pot legalized in Ohio.  In fact, he was so upset he couldn't vote against legalization, he took his fight to the Supreme Court.  I have a sneaking suspicion this dude wears are red hat that says "Make America Great."  The message is very clear.  Get your ass out and vote.  Your civic responsibility is the only way to control who governs, and how we are governed.  Think about why this moron wanted to vote.  Think about who we have in the White House.  Being unimpressed by the candidates is not a valid excuse.  Had Mr. Harmon gotten his lazy bones out of his Lazy-Boy and voted, he would have had no problem trying to keep marijuana illegal in Ohio.  We have an Idiot Jerk in the White House because so many, many voters stayed home because they thought Hilary had it tied up, or they didn't like either candidate.  My, didn't we all get a big fucking surprise.
Oh, and in case you missed it, the Idiot Jerk and Kim Sun Dumb met yesterday.  They shook hands.  They also signed some sort of pact.  A Russian political analyst told the BBC that "the devil is in the details."  The Chinese are saying pretty much the same thing.  They ought to know since I suspect they are the silent force guiding Kim.  Of course the Idiot Jerk will take credit.  And his supporters will trumpet his foolishness.  Every one has their opinions.  The Idiot Jerk and his supporters will see this as a most excellent propaganda tool.  Foolish Americans will be suckered in.  I'm reminded a lot of the moment when the Idiot Bush stood on the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center.  That photo op got him re-elected because so many thought those few seconds, when the setting was perfect, defined him as both a human being and a president.  How wrong everybody was.  Unless we take charge the country will head down an even darker path.  Make sure your defining moments are done in the voting booth, and not on your ass in your Lazy-Boy.  Vote Blue.


  1. this "agreement" is words on paper with signatures, nothing more, nothing less. it is probably written in russian. means shit to the world.

    and if you believe this whole shitshow is meaningful, then I have some oceanfront property in nebraska to sell ya!

  2. Oceanfront property in Nebraska? You must be talking about after the Blue Wave hits.

  3. Yes, Trump cozies up to a brutal North Korean dictator yet insults the prime minister of Canada. Go figure.