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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Red State Mentaility

Well with Big Seig's help, I've been taking apart my weight bench - or at least that part which supports the barbell up in the air when you're doing bench presses.  That rack alone takes up 15 square feet - which may not seem like a lot, but believe me, it is.
In case you haven't been paying attention, the GOP is ready to ram their crazy, waste of a Tax Cut / Overhaul down the throats of Americans because... well, because they've been telling their base for years this will create more jobs.  This is what's going to start the big buck rolling into all the Idiot Jerk supporters, at least that's what those morons think.  Obviously, if they read Boomberg they'd realize this is a trillion dollar blunder.  They honestly believe that corporations are going to take these cuts and use them to create unnecessary jobs for unnecessary employees, who's employment will drop the productivity level these corporations want.  Keep in mind, no one has ever accused these people of being intelligent.  By the same token, these corporations are not going to suddenly give their employees a $1 an hour increase out of the kindness of their hearts - employees are already getting paid enough for the work they do, they don't need any more money, that would set a bad precedent.  Of course, those who want this piece of shit passed don't really care about America, they just want to prove they can pass legislation, even this turd.
And that Roy Moore cluster fuck down in Alabama?  It's getting crazier by the minute.  He's too cheap to pay for a recount might prove he lost by an even greater margin.  And losers like Alex Jones are adding to the hilarity of this mess.  Don't these people realize that a majority of Americans are looking at this circus, wanting to tell Moore and his crony losers to "just shut up!"  There are people who believe 20,000 out of state voters were bused in on yellow school buses.  That would be at least 800 buses.  You could probably see that many buses from space.  And wouldn't somebody at a polling station have called the local news media if even 5 school buses with out of state license plates pulled up and started unloading?  This is Red State Mentality at its... sharpest.  These are the same people who think these tax cuts are going to generate more jobs.  Oh... my.


  1. teh GOPrick stoopid...the gift that keeps on giving...

    1. Don't you mean the diarrhea that keeps burning?

  2. Rich people who get tax breaks save their money.
    Middle and Lower class folks who get a tax break will spend that money.
    Which one helps the economy?
    It's not that hard to figure out.
    As for #NoMoore, when he claimed he'd have God take care of this,I shouted, "God did! You lost!"