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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Declines for the far right

Well, here it is Wednesday, and while I did jump into a pair of sweats, because the temperature outside is a chilly 19 (F) I did not haul my ass over to Planet Fitness.  I have free weights here at home that I can throw around.  According to the forecast, this little cold snap is supposed to last for another 10 days with highs temperatures only in the 'teens over the New Year holiday.
Yesterday was a bit more busy at the flooring desk than I had been anticipating - I got 2 measures which was good, but I also lost an install - the customers are going to have "their contractor" handle the installation.  They'll still be buying their product from me, which is nice.  They're going with gray floors, most like vinyl planks, and if you want my opinion, ugly as hell.  Their whole downstairs is going to be done in vinyl planks - about $7000 worth.  And it's gray.  As you might guess, I'm not a fan of gray.  If you're spending that much money, why go with one of the most indecisive neutrals in the world?  Your eyes perceive colors, why take that gift away from them?  Because some moron on House and Garden TV says gray is stylish, that's why.
According to a Gallup Poll, religion in America is continuing its slow decline.  Of course, they didn't quite say it that way.  This is what's called attrition.  The devout die off faster than babies are being made.  While both parties have their religious members, the right gets the prize in the box of Cracker Jacks.  I found it rather amazing to see how many of these 'believers' jumped on board the Idiot Jerk's train of hate and discrimination which tends to define them more as 'crazy control freaks' rather than Christians.  If you look at that poll and compare it to one examining religious donations the decline is much more obvious since the first poll only looks at changes within one year, while the latter details changes over a period of years.
Anyway, I get to work today and tomorrow and then I'm off for 2 days.  That being said, next week I work for 38 hours and 32 hours for the 2 following weeks.  This is okay by me.  I got a bunch of vacation time in September and only about 8 months to use it... and, as you might expect, it's difficult to get it approved during May, June, and July.


  1. organized religion is for the brain-dead. thank the dogs and cats I got rid of that shit in 1977.

    1. It's nothing more than an uncontrolled substance.