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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Chores

Today is Sunday, supposedly a day of rest, but not for me.  This is my first of 3 days off - that's right, I was scheduled for a mini-vacation... right.  Think I'm going to spend the next couple of days playing video games?  Not quite.  I have chores to do... well, some of them are more than chores.  This doesn't mean I'm only going to soil my dainty fingers doing housework, nope, not in the least.  I've been slowly scraping the paint off of my kitchen walls - it's very, very old, and, as the Idiot in the White House might say if he knew anything about painting, a very huge project.  So, that's on the docket for today, and maybe tomorrow.
And speaking of the Idiot in the White House, there was an interesting article in the NYT this AM questioning whether he was going to embrace the crazies of the American Caucus the way they want, or move towards the center, maybe even work with the Democrats.... (that's right, some fool actually wrote that).  The idea is that with the crazies he's never going to get enough votes to pass anything, however by re-positioning himself to the center might get some of his agenda through both the House and the Senate.  To be honest, I started chortling after the first paragraph.  Right, like the Idiot in the White House is going to disenfranchise himself from every thing he loves, abandon his ego and his sycophant advisers.  Anyway, it was a funny article.
In the mean time, it's time for me to use the vacuum to suck the dirt out of the living room rug.

This is not me, both of my vacuums are canisters
And then later this afternoon I'll sit down and play video games, Mass Effect Andromeda, and, of course, I'm playing as a hottie again.

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