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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My nuts

Yesterday we had our inventory.  I had to sacrifice my wonderful schedule in order to be at the store bright and early.  I was one of 4 assigned to do administrative tasks - Interim SKU's.  I got to go out after the counters had done their jobs and just verify that the SKU's they had counted were the actual ones in the boxes, and bays, and bins.  Sounds fun, right?  Wrong.  You see we can spend hours decontaminating a bay (yes we call it that), making sure everything is where it's supposed to be, and a customer and and shoot that organization to hell with just a stroll down the aisle.  They pick things up, they set things down, rarely from where they picked them up.  And the counters pick up the top item in the box, or bin and scan that to do their count, and if they scan the wrong item?  Well, that was my job, verifying SKU's.
Most of the reports were small, two pages, maybe three, except for one that was really thick.  Twenty-one pages thick.  And, of course, the other 3 people checking SKU's were avoiding that report so I took it.  You guessed it, I ended up with nuts and bolts;  three entire bays of nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.  Oh, yeah, there were a couple of lock washers thrown into the mix, but over all I spent a good deal of time playing with what I started calling "my nuts."  You see, every bolt can have at least 3 nuts, and I'm not including the shiny stainless steel nuts because they hang around with their own bolts.
This meant I had to spend a lot of time down on my knees because for some odd reason, we merchandise our nuts low to the ground, which of course put a strain on my back and neck.  This is how it goes sometimes.
Yesterday's only saving grace was coming home to the dogs... and finding my copy of Andromeda waiting for me in my mail box.  While it loaded into my X-box Slim, I took a nap - it's a big, big game.

Anyway, this will be my last working inventory, the only reason I had to do reports was because they foolishly scheduled a couple of managers to go to a school.  Next year that shouldn't be a problem.  

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  1. low to the ground nuts eh?

    "yo quiero my nuts!" nuts to you! nuts are protein! aw nuts!